Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Breakaways aka Vino's

Today's workout we'll call Break aways or Vino's for Scot V. Basically going all out for a period backing off just a hair for a little while longer followed by a equal recovery to be repeated. Really its just the quickest way to get to sufferville. I felt somewhat better today but still the equation #'s weren't up to par. Probably 23.98990 kilojoules(after modifying the equation for windspeed & headset looseness per Skip's suggestion, I don't use butter so had to delete that idea). Hopefully I can get some snap in make legs by Saturday.

Today was a sad day in my life. My truck & I parted ways. Yes believe it or not I sold it. It was becoming an eye sore on the neighborhood & I thought perhaps one of the local Mexican Brick Layers could get more use out of it. So hasta la Bye Bye Jeep Hola B2 TT.

Go HuffyUSA! Still in Green. Looks like he's going to need a few top 10's to keep it. Let's hope he can do it. I'd say the Green Jersey @ Toona is the fast track to a Pro Contract.

Speaking of Pros. Vino to Liberty Seguros? Not sure about that one. I guess the Disco boys have a lot of faith in my man Salvodelli.

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