Monday, February 26, 2007

We're Mobile but not quite so agile

About 9:30 yesterday morning Mia decided she was done screwing around & took off crawling. Now the real fun begins. She's currently sitting @ the bottom of the stairs yelling "DAAAD" & trying to figure out how to come up the stairs. Time to put the house into baby lock down & install the gates. This afternoon is her 9 months check up. More shots for the kiddo.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Simple Math for a simpler mind

I have been doing a lot of math lately. Adding up the cost of my surgery, 4k & growing. I knew I should have gone to med school. I've been playing with Excel as well. I've set up some spreadsheets to help me take a closer look @ my training. Since my power meter went into my shoulder I'll have to get the most out of my HR monitor for the time being. I've used some ideas I've gotten from other people & come up with some simple spreadsheets to help me figure out all the numbers & percentages it shoots @ me. As far as training goes I've been on the trainer pretty regularly. Two hours week before last & 5 hours last week. This week I'm going to bump it up 25% & shoot for 6:15 total time. My spreadsheets helped me figure that one out. Yeah math! All the nice weather has been killing me. The kick off t0 the season for most is this weekend with Winter World's & the OCC training camp. What will I be doing? You got it riding the wind trainer.

Shoulder still hurts but is becoming more tolerable. I'm noticing a loss in upper body mass though. Weighed in @ 148lbs yesterday. Have no worries I have a plan to regain upper body strength. I'm going to progress from 12 oz curls to 24 oz, then really kick it in to high gear with 40 oz super sets. I figure I'll have the Hoganesque bulk in no time.

I have a work rant in me but will save it for latter.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The long awaited xray pics

Went to the Bone doc this AM. Got to see the damage. S plate with 6 screws plus some bone graphs. Artificial not cadaver (Amber asked). No lifting my arm up or holding weight for another month. Get to reuse to $4000 bone stimulator , glad I didn't take it apart like I had planned. No physio yet which surprised me. Still in some pain so got a script for a non narcotic pain killer. Found out I Be Brokens are bad for bone growth so will cut them out of my diet.

3 hours already this week spent on the trainer.

Mia is 9 months old today!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Made up greeting card day

Pretty much sums up my view of Valentine's day. I'm not a fan greeting cards. Yesterday was Mia's first Valentine's day.
Mia's way better than flower's & a card.
If you help her up she can stand now.
Since going back to work this week I tried to start sleeping in bed again. Lasted 2 days in which I slept maybe 3 hours each day. Yesterday Amber dragged the recliner into the bedroom for me. Worked like a charm, was able to sleep all day. Have been getting on the wind trainer as well. Last night was able to get both hands on the bars. It wasn't pretty, nor could I put weight on it, but I had both hands on the bars.

Inmon has a blog:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend in Review

Pretty good weekend all in all.
Amber started her part time job @ Lowes. Bring on the discounts!
I got on the trainer twice for a total of 2 hours. Can only get my left hand within 18" of the bar though so it'll be awhile before I can do any descent training. Lots of tempo for awhile.
Got our taxes done. Bring on the refund!
Had a couple of beers with Cale & Jim Saturday night. Cale: " I love red meat." Jim: "I'll eat your pickle."
Went back to work last night. Had to be done.

Mia just being cute.
Puppy love.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Must look @ EBAY auction

I've bought some stuff from this guy & I read his blog on occasion. Known for selling large quantities of items. Remember the all the stems I bought? Anyway he's trying to simplify his life & selling it all. So Bud if you would like to buy me some stuff go here.

Bikehusla blog

Crazy sale link

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

132 Hours Post Op

Yesterday was a big day in my recovery. Twenty four hours without pain medication! I got a shirt on. I went outside for a walk. That's 3 pretty big steps. I did take a steady stream of I Be Brokens, but who doesn't? I didn't sleep the greatest last night but was better than I thought it might be. Yesterday the weather was just to insane not to get outside. Really windy but who's going to complain when it's 67 degrees? I walked for about 40 minutes, baby steps.

That's a shirt on. Granted you could get 2 people in that shirt but I had to start somewhere.
Starting to look better.
This pic is for Skip. I know how he likes to see me shirtless. Perv. The swelling makes it look like I have a man boob.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

108 hours post op

Made it through yesterday only taking I Be Brokens for pain. Stayed out of the sling most of the day as well. Went out side & walked to the end of the driveway & back for my workout (baby steps). Did take the pain meds before going to sleep for the night. Figured better safe than sorry. Today with the high supposed to be 56 I'm going to try & go for a long walk to stretch the legs.

Mia now can climb like her parents. Guess I'll have to start looking for a harness.
Lacy has been on full mother alert being concerned for me & watching out for her "puppy" Mia.
Now if Mia could figure out how to continue her forward motion.
Lacy watching out for her "puppy" Mia.
I figured everyone needed a change of pace from my bitching about pain. A very happy baby.

Monday, February 05, 2007

84 hours post op

Last night took a step back in the recovery. Pain spiked & had to go back to whole dosage of meds instead of half dose like I had tapered too. Did manage to sleep through most of the Snooze Bowl. Woke up around 1am suffering from an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia. Had to bail out of the sling. This sling has a strap around it to keep my arm close to my body. Just got to be too much. Took it off & slept fine after. Been icing my shoulder like a mad man. Seems to help. I'd say I managed to over do it yesterday thus the increase in pain. I started walking the stairs to fight the boredom. 10 sets of 13 stairs. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to get a short session in on the wind trainer. I hope. Crazy when you want to get on the wind trainer.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

48 Hours Post OP

After 48 hours of hell I was able to get out of the sling long enough too remove the bandage & take a shower. The act of taking a shower totally exhausted me. Slept the rest of the afternoon & most of the night. Appetite is slowly coming back & I've started cutting back the pain meds. I've also added walking around a bit. Been packing my shoulder in ice which has been helping a ton with the pain & swelling.

Here's the hospital bandage job.
No bump!
Still looks pretty nasty. The black line is the sharpie mark they used for reference.

Doing just about anything wears me out for now. Probably do to the negative calorie diet I've been on.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Lots of pain redux

Why the redux? Because F'ing blogger dropped the first attempt. Try typing with one arm in a sling when your used to typing without looking at the keys. A real pain in the ass!

Here's the gist of things so far. It hurts a lot, enough that the Dr. is upping my pain medication. I'm normally not a pussy but this hurts way worse than when I broke it. I hardly medicated at all then. Amber is currently cruising seeded corners downtown looking for the appropriate doses.

I wouldn't recommend a nerve block. They shoot an electrical stimulation into your neck trying to figure out which nerve ending goes all the way down your arm. That gets to shoot straight through my new plate. Guess what? That hurt like a mother F'er! If the nurse hadn't have given me a shot of morphine first I could only imagine how great it would have felt.

Sleeping in the recliner for now. If you ever think your going to break your collarbone get a comfortable recliner.

Shane spell this A_ _ _ _ _ E. Hogan glad to see Karma nipped you in the bud. Ha misery loves company.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Post unbeknownst to Scott

Since Scott is on heavy duty pain meds, his mom and I have decided to share some pics from the day. Enjoy.

Weighing in....

Looking spiffy from behind in that gown!!

Please initial the area we're supposed to cut on!

Waiting and waiting.....

The after :( :( :(

Pre Op Post

At the time most of you will be reading this I'll be under the knife. Hopefully then on my way to a full recovery. Finding out I was going to have to have surgery was a real motivation killer for training. So instead of logging kilometers I've been reading others on their blogs racking up the kilometers. I feel a new wave of motivation brewing though. Hopefully Dr. Crites will be able to unleash it with his shiny scalpel (that's for Amber, its from a Scrubs episode we're watching). Just wait though new plan in the works.

Took the night off from work since I can't eat or drink after midnight. I figured work would be a pain in the butt without being able to drink coffee all night. So now I get to screw up my internal clock even more. Oh the joys of nights.

Looks like we'll have a descent snow fall tonight. Already about 1.5-2" already. That should keep most of you indoors riding. Had an urgent call from Cale this afternoon trying to track down a mag trainer since he blew his up. Something about a a 5 min effort causing sparks & shooting fluid out the mag. Too much power in Cale's legs or faulty engineering?

If I'm not too looped I'll post a post op post. (like that sentence grammar cops?)

Are any of my fellow bloggers having trouble uploading pics with the new Blogger? It usually kicks me back & tells me to log in with the new Blogger or kick me out an error? Anyone? Very frustrating. Have to restart my computer to get it to work.