Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tulsa Tough Update

Two races down one REALLY hard one left to go. Friday night got in the money(18th). Felt good the whole race & was able to pack surf at will. With 5 laps to go a huge pile up took down /stopped the back half of the field. It was surreal to have a bike bouncing 10 feet high across the start line. It actually hit me in the left forearm. Was able to push it away & luckily only unclipped for a few seconds. Didn't even have to sprint to stay in the main group. Positioned myself pretty well for myself & hadn't a descent turn of speed @ the end, just don't have that extra gear sprinters have.

Saturday was H!O!T!! First hot day of the year for me. Started the race with ice in all my pockets. Felt good all race & never really taxed(according to the Power File). Flatted my front tire with 15 laps to go(B Town Reject delivered me my new tires so not overly impressed with PRO Race 3 so far) It was a weird flat; dumped about 40PSI really fast then slowed down. Actually did a full lap on it before going to the back & pulling in for my free lap. Finished the race with pretty sweet 404. Thanks SRAM neutral support. Don't like the Brady district course, its too wide open for me. Was potioned pretty good @ the bell lap but the road is so wide got swarmed in the first turn & had to do a little fighting to get back where I wanted to be. The finish straight was all tail wind so I was screwed.

23rd & out of the money. 3rd time I've done Brady & 3rd time I've been out of the money. I'm 2 for 3 @ Blue Dome. 1 for 1 @ Riverside so hopefully the trend continues there today.

After Saturdays race, a shower, & dinner we watched the end of the PRO race. Huff took his 2nd win(Blue Dome Friday, Brady Saturday). They said he's the first PRO male to go back to back, doubt he'll go 3 for 3. Its a pretty nasty climb Sunday. Chatted it up a little after. Walking back to the car saw Floyd Landis. Shook his hand(nice guy). Mia didn't want anything to do with him. Don't feel bad Floyd she was impressed with Lars Boom either.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

West Bound & Down

Taking off work early tomorrow since I have myself a series pass for all 3 days of Tulsa Tough. Hopefully this year will be less eventful/stressful than last & won't end in an ER visit. New tires hopefully will show on the door step before I leave (supposed to have been her two days ago!)

Little leery of 3 straight days of racing. Not been recovering as fast this year & so not sure how my legs will respond from 3 days of racing. Will be cool to look at the Power Files since this is the first race I'll have multiple years to look at. Also big fields & the first crits, for me, of the season(always scary). Plus Only have 2 days of Slimen Hot weather gear to race in might have to rent myself out for the third day.

Saw Floyd's name in the start list. As the B town Reject says "He is just another fodder in the pack these days". I don't care he still won the Tour & I'd rather see him race than the Lance(real pack fodder).

I'll try & update some more. Busy as hell these days. If nothing else I'll be sure to give my review of the Giro. Pate Rulz by the way! The Great White Hype is still a douche. Claims hill records but gets dropped like a freaking hot potatoe on a Cat 2 climb...douche.

"14:06 CEST
Not to be worn out chasing all day, Rabobank placed two men in the move - Mauricio Ardila and Maarten Tjallingii. Serramenti also had two - Scarponi, our stage 6 winner, and Francesco De Bonis.

A total of 20 riders made up the breakaway.

14:09 CEST

However, Danielson and Wiggins were dropped on the first classified climb of the day, the category 2 Monte delle Cesane, making it 18 men out front."

I don't care if Wiggins is a Brit he's now a douche too. He could loose that staus with the coolest shoes on the planet though.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy bday MIA

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Blue Trail can Kiss My Ass!

Syllamo's Revenge, I'll explain later. The short is 4 crashes(Ents), two flats(@ the same time), lost count of the number of Sticks I had to pull out of my wheels, & about 3-4 miles walked...Damn Blue Trail! 6 hours 42 minutes, longest saddle time ever.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Wet Sunday

Blew off riding Sunday for some core workout time @ Bear Creek in Omaha , AR. It was @ that weird in between level. Not blown out, but not primo. Did manage to find a few surf spots & even one hole to throw a loop. First loop I've been able to throw since my two year lay off from boating. It wasn't pretty but air time is air time when your upside down over the water. Saw the above big boy watching some of the surf action.
Me surfing
Curtis Claybaker
JayDog fresh off his bachlerette party. He was a little hung over even if he wouldn't admit it.
Roper Nick
Terry Price.
Brother Don Price.