Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It just goes to show

Yesterday when I got up for my daily dose of mileage I just didn't feel right. My legs felt fine the rest of me just wasn't cooperating in waking up. So I took my time had an extra pre ride cup of coffee(is it possible to ride without coffee before?) & basically looked for reasons not to ride. Finally I got dressed & on the bike. The first few miles were a struggle mentally. After about 30 minutes things started to click & I felt "normal" once again. The moral of this story is don't take sleeping pills(the real reason I couldn't wake up) & give the saddle some time maybe you'll rebound & be able to salvage the ride.

When I got home I was treated to home made chicken pot pie, mmmm good. Then got a good leg massage before laying down for my pre work nap. Moral of that story don't recommend a massage immediately following gorging yourself. But my legs needed it(no pun intended) & this AM they're feeling pretty good. Now I'm on track to get another good week of training in.

I wonder what daring feats of manhood the BOCOMO boys are doing this week? So much anger in Columbia you have to love it. I wonder if Skippy is burned out after his long ride Sunday?

Monday, January 30, 2006


I couldn't think of a better title so Bite Me. After reading a blog from one of the boys in Columbia I'm currently feeling a little soft for skipping riding in the rain. These guys are hard men of the road. So now I'm going to run out & get a rain cape & a fender so the next time it rains I can hit the road. Because I'll be damned if I'm going to be soft. I'm thinking sometime in the near future I'm going to have to head North to get in a ride with these guys.

Anyway I made amends today by getting in 4 hours of solo riding mostly into the wind. I was feeling pretty good about myself until reading the aforementioned. I photocopied a page out of the Gazetter & used the new Route Marker to give myself a general route to ride. I learned a lesson here, not all roads on the map are paved. So I got in some good dirt road time to go toward making up for not riding in the rain. I rode out in the Ash Grove, Bois Darc area. Lots of carless farm roads. I did spot 3 other riders but they were a little far off for a positive ID. By the uni colors it looked like Greek & @ least one OCC'er. After riding I did a little cross training by doing carpet vacuuming intervals up & down the stairs.

I almost forgot to mention the Left Shifter works, so bring on the Big Ring & let the Legbreaking begin.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Rain used to get me all excited since it usually meant I was going to get to go boating. Everytime it rained I'd start checking the internet gauges & getting my stuff loaded.
The recent drought only means the rain we get now barely makes a dent in the water levels. So now it only means I can't get out & get in some saddle time. Today instead of taking the day off I broke in my new trainer. Amber put a movie on & turned the volume up so we both could hear it. An hour & a half & about 2 liters of sweat later I had a pretty descent workout. Though I hope tomorrow the roads dry enough for me to get in @ least 4hrs.

I did get in some quality bike maintenance time today. I finally got my TUFOS pulled off the Ksyriums in an attempt to get ready for the approaching race season. I find out after an hour of GOOGLE time if you want to replace a Mavic freehub body you can't buy one online; you have to use your LBS(bike geek speak for Skippy). Mavic makes a damn nice set of wheels, but being French they make it too freaking hard to get replacement parts. I did manage to find the top of my work bench after some cleaning.
Amber just reminded me I forgot to mention I finally felt the baby kick the other day. I was beginning to wonder if it was a scam she was running. But I've now felt the little booger practicing her soccer kicks. So I'm relieved this kicking thing isn't something Amber is going to keep to herself. Today we also came up with a general idea of how we're going to paint the baby's room. For those of you who have been to my casa you know this is a pretty big deal since I've so far managed to keep the walls white. So next weekend I get to break in another one of my XMAS presents & put up some trim to make a chair rail. Then paint the lower wall with 2 tone stripes & the upper part a solid color. Oh yeah & the possibility of of sponging & stenciling. Colors to be determined @ the store.

Its now time to turn in the dogs are snoring on the floor & Amber is making that deep breathing noise that usually precedes her snoring. Later tater.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Last night I spent my lunch break reading blogs since I've already read the 6 books I got for XMAS(hint hint Mom). Anyway these days it seems everyone's got a blog(including my nieces) though some post more frequently than others(Skip knows who he is so no need to point fingers). My point is in all that reading I've determined there is a boat load of miles being ridden already this season. I'm guessing its the weather but the Columbia riders have been logging mega miles & its been cold up there in Missouri's Artic North. Locally the miles have been piling up as well. Though I did read mention of a guy in Arizona riding 36 hours(720 miles) a week for his base. I mentioned this to give I love the 80's a goal. That's 6 hours a day, 6 days a week,& yes he takes a rest day. Wow that's 2.5 weeks of my current mileage. Reading about all the miles being ridden got me to worrying a little about how fast everyone is going to be this season. So if your not putting in the saddle time you had better get with it or you'll be off the back with you know who.

Local tidbits of info:
I hear rumors of Moto sessions already. Someone is going to be wicked ass fast this year.

Could EPO finally being catting his sandbagging ass up?

I'm not anonymous so quit thinking it.

Friday is Julie Pettus' BDay. She'll finally be 18 so ICC can quit getting permission slips. I technically don't have permission to make fun of Julie, but I do have written permission from Greg so that's close enough for me. Anyway Happy BDay Julie.

Super G we saw your bike in a ditch last night. Cute little plastic job with 3 4" wheels. I know your missing it terribly, so don't fret we know where its @.

Once again last night I lost feeling in my pinkies from freezing them. I'm guessing you really don't need them anyway.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Week in Pictures

This week went by pretty damn fast. Monday went to the Dr. to get some drugs. Did a 5 day course of antibiotics to get me on the well. Ended up loosing 5 lbs from being sick. Shane was sick this week so curious to see who lost more me or him.

Did get some riding in & as the week progressed started to feel a little stronger. Fell just short of my desired weekly average so not bad. Yesterday I even got in a 6 hour solo ride to my parents house in Pontiac, MO on Bull Shoals Lake. 102.5 door to door with 52 of those straight up!

Amber & my In-Laws drove down to pick me up & see my parents recycled plantation. My dad can't stand to see stuff go to waste so he does his best Sanford impersonation & loads it up & turns it into something useful everytime. I'll have to post some pics of his handy work sometime. My mom has a barn that defies imagination & has the craziest chickens you'll ever see in it.

Lucky & Lacy got some new toys this week. This is Lucky's new duck. Lacy got a frog, unfortunately I got no pics before she destuffed it for the squeaker. Took her about 5 minutes. She can't get them to squeak stuffed so she mangles them.

Amber is now on full light duty working on 3rd shift with me. So now when I go out ot train she sneaks the dogs into bed with her to remind her of when we didn't get to sleep together.

Everyone keeps asking if shes showing, so heres this week's pic. Amber told me she wants one a month till May so we can see how big she gets. There is a pool going for the baby's weight for those interested in playing. Not sure the prize yet but remember Amber's a massage therapist so that is a possibility.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


After a recent email complaining about my making fun of people I've decided to revamp my blog. From this post forward I'll no longer poke fun at the deserving unless I have written approval from them to do so. With two(2) notable exceptions: Skip & Shane. They seem to be thick skinned enough & possess a sense of humor about themselves none unlike my own. Bully for them. So if you like having off handed meaningless remarks made about you in a good natured way let me know so I can continue the good natured ribbing. If I have offended you in the past, tough that's the past get over it. If I offend you in the future, tough I now have your written permission.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pics courtesy of RXJimbo

I've been dreaming of a new TT frame lately so these pics are appropriate. Mr. Coker took some time out from dealing drugs down on the corner in Mansfield to send me these from State TT last year.

Recognize these 2 wahoos?

Off I go.

Got on the antibiotics yesterday so hopefully I'm on the road to wellville. Going to try some easy miles if the weather cooperates today. Looks like it might be a trainer day though.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

End of the Yoder & on Deaths Door

Haven't posted since Thursday since I paid a visit to Death's Door & was having trouble excusing myself from the visit. Actually not quite that bad but it sucked you in didn't it? Really I've been running a fever & had a nasty sore throat that has only just started to go away this morning. So hopefully tomorrow or Tues I can get back in the saddle to continue my base work now that I'm 3 days behind & counting. I guess that's what I get for taking water from a bottle that a recovering sickly ICC drank from. OOPS! Should have known better. Oh well got to lay around the house all weekend & drive Amber nuts enough that she now wants me to get out & ride.

In other breaking news Amber goes back on 3rd shift with me tonight. So she gets to try & sleep during the day with me. 2 plus' are that I no longer have to sleep alone( But I have to put up with her pregnant snoring, Way Loud!) & now the chances of her going into labor by herself greatly diminish.

Amber did get me shave my Yoder Friday. I shaved it down in steps to slow its demise. Couldn't sell her on any of them so I'm back to my baby face.


Just a little trim off the sides

Colonel Sanders?

Flavor Savor

Sad to see it gone

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tour De Canine Part 2 The Missing Rasta Dog

Wed saw the return of the Tour De Canine from Shane's house. ICC & Super G rode over as well I love the 80's, who already had in about 7 hours on the day. While waiting for ICC to find his way over we were treated to a visit by the lovely Monkey. Being a big napper I knew all too well the look on her face & it was definitely nap time. Since the others had rode over we had to modify the loop somewhat to aid them in their return home before dark. Unfortunately Rasta Dog was @ work watching the pot patch so he was a no show on the loop.

I guess as my wife puts it I really am suffering from MOTOT, since I was a little down for not riding over & back but I would have ended up with about 6 hours on the day. I did end up with 3 hrs of good riding & conversation though. Speaking of my wife I guess today is the day that I end the great goatee experiment. You can no longer call me Yoder. Just when it was really starting to fill in nicely. I do think I'll have to shave in in various stages & photograph it for prosperity.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You've got to love the weather in the Mighty MO

That's right 70 one day, 45 the next, now rain & snow for today, & tomorrow its supposed to be 56? Its got to be the Global Warming. Yesterday saw ICC, Stoker, & I do a repeat of our last Thursday unprepared freeze my pinkies ride. This time I tacked on even more via the Greenways, but was way more prepared. A little too well. I spent the first 3 hours overheating. Finally in the last 45 min I was comfy but too beat to try & stretch it out more. So I made a beeline for the couch before heading off to work.

Luckily today was a planned off the bike day for me since we have a midday Baby Doc appointment. With the weather outside frightful, my warm bed will be delightful. Let it rain, let it rain, so I can get in some miles tomorrow, or I'll be on this bad boy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sunday, January 08, 2006

20 vs 20

I think I'd give up 20 degrees of temperature for 20 mph less wind. It was super nice today but crazy windy. I got out and rode 2 hrs this afternoon in just shorts & a jersey. I'm sure part of that was just trying to not go backwards. I loaded up the MP3 & put my head down & battled the wind. I wasn't about a little trouble let me quit. I think I ended the week around 18hrs a little more than I planned but you have to make hay while the sun shines.

I slept in today getting almost 12 hrs sleep! I lounged around with Amber till we decided to load up Lucky & Lacy & take them to Rocky Barnes Conservation area for a little hike. It was nice enough that the dogs actually swam for awhile. Well Lucky swam Lacy stood on the bank & barked @ him then occasionally she'd get to close & slip in & be forced to swim back. Lucky had this same problem till one day he swam out to me while I was boating & now I can't keep him out of the water. Hopefully Lacy will overcome her fear of the water before this summer.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Round and round

I posted a link on Shano's blog but it got cutoff. Its for a book on recycling and "clean" business. Let my people go Surfing. Good book will really make you think. Like I said in his comments I have it if anyone wants to borrow it to read.

Today's ride had a pretty good turn out. Six in all: Larry who from here on out will be referred to by his age 57 or one fast old dude(OFOD), ICC(king of the little ring sprints-schooled me today 2-3; I was 0-3), Jason, The Hammer of course,& a very slimmed down OG on a new ride. One notable absence though, I guess the olive branch wilted. I left the house early today so I could get some extra time in & deliver the borrowed tights back to ICC. I almost didn't make it in time as I caught him pulling out of his garage. Starting early left me way over dressed for the temps that would come later. The loop today had a ton of climbing. The new slimmed down OG was right there on almost every climb. Its amazing what dropping 15 lbs of body weight & 2.5 lbs of bike weight will do for your climbing legs. All in all I ended up with 4.5 hrs today. Which puts me around 15 ish for the week. So after tomorrow I'll have another week in with close to 20hrs. My legs are currently complaining about it right now though. I need to take a page out of OG's book & drop the rest of my winter weight.

Night Time is The Right time

Since there hasn't been a Friday Night Light ride in a few weeks I decided to get out on the dirt under the lights @ Nut Sac. Shano gave a positive report of the conditions so I was chomping @ the bit all day Friday waiting for it to get dark enough. I haven't been to Nut Sac since the last time so was anxious.
Looks like I'm there a little late.

But the best time to ride is in the dark.

Conditions were perfect though it could have stood to be a few degrees warmer. We're currently in a major drought 9+ inches of rain behind for the year but somehow the ground is nice & tacky. Lots of traction and speed.
No explosions last night. I'm still waiting to be riding & hear one go off.

I did have a close call with the nocturnal Purple Rittersideloopapotomus. More rare than BigFoot & much more dangerous if you accidently sneak up on it in the dark in its habitat. After that scare I was getting cold so cut it short at an hour. Which was cool since I have a bunch of hours in all ready this week & a couple of good days in the work this weekend.

This week there has been a ton of OCC Drahmah. For those of you who read the message board you know of what I talk. Its been a hot topic of discussion this week riding & has gotten a little distracting. Its been hard to focus on saddle time instead of politics. It looks like now I'll bite the bullet and hand over a check for my dues. But for some reason this year I have to provide a resume to "prove" I finished more than 20+ races last year.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Always be prepared?

As been the usual lately in an attempt to get in extra miles I rode over to meet Stoker & ICC. Usually I come loaded for all situation, extra gloves, a cool little jacket that bunches down to nothing, my trusty red vest, etc. The recent warm snap lulled me into submission & I headed out a little less than prepared. I was plenty warm but ICC whacked me over the head with the knowledge that we we're riding an extra hour tonight. OOPS! It gets F'ing cold after 6:30. Luckily ICC aka the Boy Scout had a spare pair of tights to go over my knickers & he carried some extra food that he was willing to share. Before heading out I decided to tighten up my headset for about the thousandth time. OOPS part 2! The damn stem bolt broke. Some quick Macgyvering & I was on the road. Somehow Stoker managed to get us out to Fordland & back. I asked how the heck he found this road & he said I love the 80's handed it down to Greeker who past along the knowledge to him. To make a long story short my pinky's ended up freezing solid along with my emergency Honey Stinger I've started carrying(very hard to suck down in solid form when you can't squeeze FYI). I got to spend 5 min in horrible pain while my left pinky defrogged. All's well now though.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goodbye 05, Hello 06, end to BIG week

Saturday saw 7(Will, ICC, Stoker Ace, Hammer, Jason, Larry) of us get out end the year with a nice long ride. I ended up with 72ish miles for around 4.5 hrs to put me @ 16.5 for the week. It was a little chilly to start but warmed up nicely toward the end. New Years Eve was spent with Amber's parents fighting over who would pick up the check for the meal as usual when we go out to eat with them. We lost this one but I'll get them back. Amber & I brought in the New Year just laying around watching TV since we were both pretty wiped from the week.

Today 6 of us got together to get the longest ride of the year in(so far). JJ, Coker, Hammer, Larry(who I'm going to have to give a nickname because he's got a motor for an old fart), ICC, & me. It was windy as hell but actually warmed up enough to finish out the ride in shorts & jersey! We got in a couple of heated city limit sign sprints in JJ,ICC, & my new game of seated little ring sprints. You look like a retard but it really makes the legs burn trying to kick it up to 30mph. I rode over & back so ended up with just over 4 hrs; 20.5 hrs for the week, my biggest in a long, long time. Next week I'm going to cut it back to a more human number 14 or so.