Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project 18

Those on Twitter probably have noticed the hashtag #project18 I've been using lately. It's my way of motivating myself to run 18 min @ this years Turkey Trot. Part of that means actually Running this year. Since I've not been riding why not run? I mean I have a history of it.

Think this was my Freshman year in college. It was either a steeplechase or a 5k not sure. By the look on my face I'd say a 5k since I always looked horrible racing steeplechases. Those bad boys hurt!
I've been hitting the pavement early on my days off to avoid the heat. Managed to knock 45 seconds of my loop time today. Now I need to string several days together to rack up some mileage. Hopefully I can hit a 5k or 2 before the Turkey Trot to get some racing in my legs.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TT series reminder

Don't forget Tuesday everyone races for free.
Payout at least 3 deep in every category with 3 or more racers.

If you break the men's or women's course records you get an extra payout!!

Divisions are Aero men, nonaero men, & open women.

The men's course record was set on a TT bike. Scott Sifferman 22:04
The women's on a standard road bike. Stacy Bertsch 26:23

Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Day

Today I let Mia stay home from daycare for a daddie & Mia day. If figure with her days of being the only child fleeting I need to give her some one on one attention while I can. She really likes 3 D movies after seeing Toy Story 3D. She says the "movie is in her face". So I forked over the $20 for two tickets to see another 3D movie with her. 3D will be the death of watching movies at the theater, wait and see. Way too spendy. Anyway we went and saw Despicable Me. I was a little disappointed. I guess I shouldn't have been with all the hype. Turns out a movie with the main character & most of the supporting cast having shows on NBC is going to be a big advert. They didn't even try and make it subtle advertising for NBC & PlayStation Wii. But I guess its a kid movie & they are advertising to the audience. Mia managed to eat most of a giant bucket of popcorn while watching it. She enjoyed it so money well spent.

We came home and took a PHAT nap. I ended up napping longer since Amber came home. Since I've not been riding lately I've been a napping machine. Strange when I need the rest I can't get it. When I don't all I can do is sleep. hmmm?

I did a little bike shop work for a friend of a friend then we headed over for dinner at Los Portales. If you follow me on Twitter or the Facebook you know how much we eat here. Best Spanglish food in Springfield. Plus ICE COLD Negra Medolo's what more do you need.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday Night TT

Results Link

Smaller turn out again this week. Times were slower as well as everyone had to fight heat & a pretty good cross to headwind. Stacy Bertsch did set a new women's course record without using a TT bike: 26:23. She would have placed 5th in the Aero division last night!

Remember next week everyone races for FREE & their will be payouts! FREE MONEY! Plus if anyone breaks the course records there is bonus money.

Course Records:
Men Scott Sifferman 22:04
Women Stacy Bertsch 26:23

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


First off for those who don't follow me on the Facebook or the Twitter.  Amber & I are having a baby BOY!  I had all but convinced myself we would end up with two girls.  One of each just seems right.

Other news:  What else is going on?  Thanks to a technology fail a big long blog post vanished off into the tubes of the web never to be seen again.  I figured I better update this thing or take it down.  The new Design feature let me shoot some life into the format so maybe I'll dabble in more than 140 characters a little more.

Training Time Trial Series.  I'm a race promoter now.  Crazy I know.  After the initial jitters it is actually fun.  Make a flier.  Hand them out to the local shops. Make a Facebook Event pageMark a course. Time it & post some results & presto your a race promoter.  Turn out was about what I expected for a time trial, on Tuesday nights, that isn't on the East side of town.  But its a race with payouts in Springfield. Not many of those.  Two more to go. Tonight & the following week.  The last TT(7/20/10) is free to all & there will be payouts at that one as well. FREE MONEY! 

Other News: I haven't rode in 2 months.  Decided that with the kid on the way & my new work schedule its not fair to the family to go racing on the 2 weekends I have off every 8 weeks.  Race wheels are hung up for now(that means no cross!).  I think it is time to start some training though before I turn into Jabba the Hut.  Plus Baby Boy Dunsmuir is due Thanksgiving Day. That means I need to run REALLY fast at the Turkey Trot this year.  I've run 17:30 on the old course.  Haven't yet broke 18 on this course.  Might need to log some miles & get into the low 17's so I can get to Labor & Delivery. It's possible; I ran 19:13 with zero run training.

I think I'm going to use the time I would normally spend riding to fully rehab my shoulder & back.  When I was Adventure Racing I was a lot fitter because of all the cross training.  Its time to get back(no pun) to a more fitter well rounded Scott.  Then when I do race CX again I can be faster.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Week 2 TT Results

Week 2 TT Results

Small turn out this week only 12 racers down from last weeks 19 & no women this week. I guess paying people to race isn't enough to entice them out. People complain all the time about the lack of racing in Springfield. Give them a race & they still won't race. Baffles me. Oh well the people coming out are having some good training & making some cash in the process.