Monday, July 30, 2007

Let's put this to rest

Not a doubt that's Bud wearing that stupid ass hat.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Extraction..... Finally!!!

August 9th @ 3pm my little Alien buddy gets removed from my shoulder. If all goes well I might be recovered in time for cyclocross season. Lets keep our toes crossed. If all goes bad the Doc will have to put the hardware back in. But only if the bone is completely not connected & floating around. I don't think we'll have to worry about that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm in total shock

What the hell has happened to cycling? I've been watching/following the Tour De France since 1986. Never miss it. I could say till a few hours ago this has been by far the best Tour in all the years I've been following it. Two of the most bad ass climbers going at it. Attack, after attack that's the kind of racing I like.

Now this stupid shit. This years race will now have a cloud over it just like last years. What really kills me is my most favorite cyclist has to leave the tour in disgrace because his team mate & his team are a bunch of idiots. Now a cloud will hang over Salvodelli.

Plus to add insult to it Contador & Rasmussen both will have everyones fingers pointing at them. The ASO is already saying they should have refused to let Rasmussen start. Contador is already linked very weakly to Puerto. With Disco having signed Basso, then Basso admitting his guilt I bet Contador will now be in the hot seat. That would be a shame since he's a rising star in cycling.

I really expect a strike to take place tomorrow & the racing to be neutralized in protest by the riders. I hope this doesn't happen but remember after Festina got caught? Same thing happened. I'd hate to miss out on one last day in the mountains to watch the climbers go at it again. I just hope their spirit isn't broken. Mine all but is, I can't take another scandal.

Monday, July 23, 2007

race results

State TT was good & bad. Bad because I didn't win but I knew I wouldn't. I got 2nd by like 9 sec in Master's. Though if I would have raced 3's I would have won by over a min, go figure. That would have rocketed me up the MOBAR standings. Oh well I would have felt cheap with such a slow winning time in 3's. Oh yeah my time, that was kinda good. I rode a 57:25, which was an improvement from last years 58:17. I guess you can get in some sort of shape on 200k a week.
I stole this of Flicker

It's probably the first TT I've ever done where I stuck to a plan. I wanted to keep my average heart rate @ 166 (my lactate threshold) & I did for the first 20k which was into a headwind. Knowing I had a tailwind for the return I bumped it up to an average of 170 for the return. I went out in 29:39 & came back in 27:46. I told you it was a tailwind. I think I held back to much though because I rode the last kilometer @ 50 KPH, hitting the line @ 55KPH. If I would have realized how good I was going a 56 something was probably possible. Next year.

The coolest part of the day was shadowing my 10 year old teammate Conner Estes. The USCF requires someone to follow behind kids this young to ensure they are safe. So I followed him for his 20 K TT. He's pretty good. He has great handling skills, better than most adults. He also is fast. He got third in the 10-12 yo division. He was the 10 year old, everyone else was 12. He also had no aero bars, though he had shoe covers. I'm guessing they were meant for Skip & Jim. Remember this one because if he sticks with it he could be the SPR's next Pro.

Now for the rubbing it in part: I beat Greek by 2 seconds. But we both got beat by a chic so we both suck.
I'd have been 5th in the 1-2. Isn't it fun to play should a, would a, could a
Yes that's a 56:53!
I stole this off flicker too

Saturday, July 21, 2007

State TT Preview

Tomorrow is State TT aka funny helmet day. I'm taking off in a few hours with Espencotter so we can pre ride the course. Why do we need to pre ride the course? Hell if I know but it sounds like a good idea.

Mia is not a fan of the funny helmet.

I'm thinking I might feel the same way tomorrow. Get it off me now!

Not liking my chances to get another one of these again this year. Who knows if Rasmussen can pull a good TT out of his ass maybe I can too. Though I think probably not since I'm shooting for around 61 min. Hey its my first race in 8 months cut me some slack.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adventures with Mia

Mia & I hang out everyday after work while Amber goes off to massage. Its a lot of fun spending one on one time with her.Here she's demonstrating what Farasy would look like if he didn't get his uni's from Baby Gap.
14 months & we've started potty training. She's gotten pretty good at peeing in the potty. She's just like her Mom likes to read on the crapper.

Mia's has learned how to climb. If you turn your back for a second she's climbed something. She gets this devilish little grin right before she does it. Like she knows its wrong but she's going to do it anyway.
I guess I get what I deserve for giving Mia a Mountain for a middle name, McKinley. Here she is on top of our Kitchen table.

I had to resort to stacking the chairs to keep her off it. Never a dull moment in the Dunsmuir household.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What will these 3 things get you?

1. A Lighter

2. A Six Pack

3. A pile of debris left over from the icestorm.

That's right a pretty damn good bonfire in the back yard.

All that was left

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coming soon to a yard near you?

Will this be playing in a backyard theater this summer?I guess this is why Bryon didn't edit this weeks episode of Big Love. He was working on a side project with Mikey.

Mike showed up @ the Wednesday night ride last night to use & abuse me like a defective sex toy. F'er rode away from me @ will. 200k a week just won't let you keep up with him.

Earlier this week Amber, Mia, & I made an attempt @ the Guiness book of records with the MacAnutt's & the Greeks @ the Cardinals Game. They had 4000 people all wear groucho glasses @ once. Not sure if it was a record or not but was amusing.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Motivation to work update

As I was saying this AM I had no motivation to work. Well I forced myself to shower & go to work. I was greeted with the news that server was down. An irritantance for most but a major problem for me. My company uses an intraweb based program. No intraweb, nothing for me to do. I loaded up the laptop, blackberry, & some files & headed out. I'm working from home today. At least this "office" has a window.

No motivation

That's is no motivation to get ready for work. A day off in the middle of the week sucks, kills all desire to go back to work. I'm sitting here killing time so I'll answer my on going pedal quiz. I gave TM the answer Tuesday night @ the Greeks's backyard theater so I'll share with all now. 1992 03 93 Sampson Stratics.
A complete description is here:

A cool time line of clipless pedals here:

Wednesday turned into a big day for me. I got up & met the Hammer & the Coach for a long ride. My first 100K+ ride since the first of the year. Not to bad but was tired after; lots of climbing. Then we loaded up & went to Amber's Grand Parents for a BBQ. Good food which I ate WAY too much. The diet went straight out the window. When we got home @ 6:30 laid down for a nap & woke up @ 5 AM. That's not entirely true. Mia woke up about 50X last night crying, not sure why but she sure was grumpy. She's got her 2 top teeth coming in so I imagine that's it.

I guess I'd better get around & go earn a pay check.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The weed whacker diaries

OK I gave into peer pressure from Amber & went & bought a new Weed Whacker. She threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't get a weed whacker she could start. I told her working on it was half the fun, but she didn't buy that, so I bought a Stihl.
Here she is already green from use.
Ms. Hilton?
Get away you damn paparazzi
Friday night we went to Nakato's to celebrate Amber's cousin's BDay. Here we are with the In-Law's, Rick & Dammit Debbie.
Mia's been having a rough week. She'll run a temp, be fine, run a temp, be fine, now she is steadily running a temp so back to the Dr. She's going as soon as the Ped's clinic opens. That's the good thing about Cox. A Ped's urgent care & Pediatrician's with Sunday Hours.

If it will ever quit raining my next back yard project is sitting in waiting. A path from the deck to the gate to fill in the spot where no grass will grow. I'm beginning to think I should have built an Ark. I'd go boating today but my shoulder has been doing some strange things this week that have me a little worried. Lots of noise coming from it.
TM got close but no cigar. Here's a closer look see. Greg was right they still work, I've won a State TT title on them & took a third as well.