Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Trot part 7

Got out Thursday for my 7th Turkey Trot. Did run this year, walked with Amber. 11 of us this year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hard Man's Cross


This isn't too far away.

More hard man pics here

From Pezcycling

Not only a hard man but hard fans as well!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bubba in the dark

I had reservations about another cross race in the dark, but the Bubba boys out did themselves & put on a spectacle (only word to describe it). Deep fields, A DJ, flashing lights, enough lights that there were no dark spots on the course, a fast course(tons of switchbacks), a flyover, & lots of beer, which led to rowdy fans, dollar hand ups, & beer in the face(I got spit on several times coming down the flyover). The flyover is crazy. I've climbed rock walls easier to get up than this thing. The first lap it was a giant cluster F! You basically rode up dismounted & waited your turn to go up & then watched as the lead group of 5 took off. I recovered & got in the 2nd group of 5 & that's where I stayed. The 5 shuffled around but basically, Dr. Mark, me, Jeff Winkler, Dave Breslin, & a Mesa guy I don't know. Died a little in the last lap but held on for 9th which got me $40. An actual payout. He who wont be named won & he didn't lap me. Yep I stayed on the lead lap surprisingly since the laps were about 4:30-5 min long. The white Challnege Grifo XS file threads were the ticket @ 30 psi. The new insulated skinsuit kept me snuggly warm.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barriers 101

This is my teammate Joe showing his perfect form running barriers. If you want to be fast at CX don't run barriers like Joe. That's my CX tip for the week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

DeStad Final in Pics (my own, not stolen for a change)

My #1 fan

The Heat showed up in force, with most of the heavy hitters from the Master's showing.

Mark Studnicki, Me, Jeff Winkler, Tom Price

The new Skinsuits. Do they make me look fat?

Tom, Jeff, & Me. Jeff would go on to win. Tom would crash so I could pass him to finish 2nd. Tom took a hard fall & either broke a bone or separated his shoulder. I hope the later since that heals faster. Old guys don't bounce so well. But I was glad to see Tom & Mark both line up since it made for some super fast, really fun racing.

Cobbles baby! Ala Koppenbergcross. Very Belgie.

Paint drying.

What can I say I root for the under dog. Fighting the under dog battle all of the DeStad Series. Dan made a race of it in the 45+. I really wanted him to take the overall. Oh well as he says its all in fun.

I got the top spot in the 35+ for the series. Mia decided to do some podium practice for later on. Yes that is a Challenge Podium hat! Thank you Don Kellogg & Greg Keller.

On the way home about Clinton, no Taco Hell stop this week.

I didn't have to work on Monday so I spent my recovery day laying floor in my bedroom. Amber likes it, but I'm a little disappointed because I think it makes our room look smaller.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mia is a HUGE CX Fan

Last week @ Vet CX. It's snowing here in the SPR. Should be interesting tomorrow @ the KS State CX. Last year they had epic conditions.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The massage

Last night I talked/begged Amber to give my legs a good going over. Not really sore just a deep down fatigued feeling. That really doesn't explain it but gets you in the ball park. After she made me scream a couple of times the knots started working out & some suppleness started returning. Getting a massage right before bed isn't perfect since you can't drink a ton of water like you should after a massage, but I'll take what I can get. Being married to a massage therapist isn't as great as you'd think. No daily massages. Your massage therapist spouse works over clients all day why would they want to come home & work some more? I do manage to get a massage about every month & a half or so though. I am excited to have her get her sports massage certification. Maybe she'll learn some secret Euro soigneur techniques to rejuvenate my old worn out legs.

Tonight is CX @ Sac so I'll be good & sore again. Probably one of the last times this year. I can't see(no pun intended) more than a few more weeks before its too dark to be productive after work.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DeStad Series Rankings

Rankings are out through the 5th race with just one to go. The 45+ is going to be interesting. Super close even with Songer winning every race he's finished. Dan Hansen is sitting close in 2nd. Dan I could be talked into/ be willing to put him in the tape a time or two for you. Thanks to Winkler skipping a couple of races the 35+ is mathematically mine(free races!). Looks like a fun Sunday of racing.

What the hell am I thinking??? Bubba @ Night?

I guess I'm going to head to the STL for another damn night race. I must be out of my mind. That'll be 3 in one season. Oh well Amber is going to the STL that wknd anyway to get certified in Sports Massage & there is a beer tent if I get sleepy & need to take a nap. It's the Stupidity I'm not so sure about. Stairs & getting lapped by Josh. They better have some damn good beer in that tent is all I can say.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out my #2 victim, that makes me grin.


Sunday went as to be expected after a recovery week. Legs felt fine just no zip. I felt good warming up, & early in the race. When it was time to punch the clock I just didn't have the extra gear to go with Jeff & David. I'm not going to let it kill my morale. I know in a few weeks the recovery week will pay off in spades.

Roger laid out a really HARD course with zero recovery(ie pavement). Lots of climbing & thick grass. One really cool off camber downhill/uphill turn toward the finish which was very fun(especially when I stuck Andy in the tape). It did have a crazy dangerous downhill, off camber, pot holed, loose gravel, dismount to uneven stairs. The dismount scared the hell out of me & I was getting off the bike a good 5 feet before the stairs & purposely running across them into the tape to get to more grass to slow my roll. Roger listened to the racers & removed this section for the last two races. The loop was a hair short & we had to deal with a ton of lapped traffic. We managed to catch the women's leader Jen of SKC in the run up on the last lap. Sorry for cutting you off Jen. Its hard to squeeze 3 guys past that much lapped traffic(she was lapping people herself).

The stairs.

360 Sunday group ride.

Look closely & you'll see me throwing in the towel. Lost the sprint for 3rd overall, rolled in 5th(3rd in 35+). 3rd Place should be good enough to ensure the win in the series though. DeStad series final is Sunday in Leavenworth again.

Pics from Roger & Scott

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Challenge Podium Hat

I want a Challenge Podium Hat. I need to figure out how to get one. I also want one of those giant beers. I might have better luck getting the beer than the hat though. The Podium Hat is so PRO. I've bought enough Challenge tires & even one a race or two on them. Surely that's good enough to get one? Probably not.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Rent a Racer Program is program GO!

Thanks to those helping me out I get to race the next two weekends. Sorry Jason. I would have considered Bribes not to race. Vet Cross this Sunday. This is one of my favorite races. I was bummed last year that Roger had to cancel it. With all he does to help out cycling I like to go support his race. Even if he is biased toward the 360 guys. Plus its a cool course, Roger is a vet, & its a race about vets. My father-in-law is a vet so lots of reasons for me to put this on the must do list every year. Two years ago I won this race, but after a week off not sure how my legs will respond this weekend. Does look like we'll have good cross weather, cool & sunny.

Spend your Friday following this debate. I have a feeling its going to get interesting.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Daily nightmares

I have nightmares about opening a cabinet & seeing the above. Look closely there is even a cobweb. That PLC is almost as old as I am. My project for the next couple of days is bring this machine into at least the last 2 decades.

Now I have to do a lot of rewiring, a lot of cleaning & a little of the above. Shouldn't be too bad, it will be the 3rd one of these machines I've updated. Practice makes perfect.

36 days till Natz

Wow I can't believe in just a little over a month it will be that time of year that's better than XMAS for a mud loving pain freak like myself. That's right Nationals. With that said its time to start sharpening the pencil.

Last night at cx practice I switched up the normal loop by adding more switchbacks to simulate the Nationals course. From all the descriptions & the video it looks like there are about 50 switchbacks all requiring mucho grande power, so I'm screwed. Oh well I'll do what I can. I'll just have to get a better start this year & stay upright. Speaking of starts John & Dale took turns drilling the uphill pavement starts of our intervals to really push me. I lost a couple of hole shots but the extra push helps. I'm a notorious slow starter. I like to ease into it & just keep a high steady rhythm while others slow down I just keep the same tempo. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, 360 has had a different plan this season. Hot starts all of them. Thanks to 360 my starts are getting better. Now just have to dial them in over the next few weeks. I'm not going to be racing as much going into nationals so hopefully my legs will be rested & sharp.

Don't worry Jason I'll be at Veterans Cross on Sunday. No free pass for the series win this year.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2008 Koppenberg Cross Video

Go here:

Go Vote

I'm so glad its finally here. Now the RNC can quit calling my house 16x a day. I don't give a crap who you vote for as long as you vote. Thank god the robo calls are over!

In Missouri see your sample ballet here.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I didn't race but still got a W

No racing this wknd but still added to my win streak. I correctly guessed the name of Tilford's cat. I get something cool. Hopefully its a stack of entry comps.

Cross Rocks!!

I love cross!