Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ferrari F150 testing video

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm back to work for another 6 day run. I did it last week too. The money is nice but what it does to me isn't. Mostly 12hr night shifts wear on you. I've gotten to where 4 of them aren't too bad. I'll occasionally have a night that is nuts & that adds to the fatigue level, but for the most part I make do & can function. Six 12's is another beast. Especially when the last 2 are crazy.

I made it through the first round. I was even able to function on my first night off to go to Amber's work party. A rousing good time. A co-worker of Amber went to a cx race with us in the stl a few years ago. Now everytime I see her she asks me when my next cx race is. While chatting at the party I told her about wanting to put on races here. Bam! Her Aunt is on the Park Board. She's going to tell her how awesome cx is and that they should give me the run of the park I want to use. Hopefully this pans out.

Sunday was a disaster. My body was stuck on nights. I was less than semi functional between naps on the couch. Then at 7PM I woke up & stayed up all night being less than productive watching movies & reruns of Top Gear on NetFlix. Should have rode the trainer I guess.

What's really rough is Mia misses me after only seeing me for a bit in the am & a bit at night before I go to work. Not to mention Amber is stuck with a newborn & an over active 4 y/o. She's a trooper though & managing better than I would.

That said I haven't rode or ran in 15 days! Yikes. I have been doing my version of crossfit. Workfit. I've been doing laps on the stairs at break & doing lots of pull ups & generally lifting heavier items more than I normally would. Manual labor for the win. Its just to hard to get up & doing anything before or after work. Plus it cuts into the time I get to spend with the family. I should talk Amber into letting me ride the trainer in the living room.

I saw this referenced in a tweet. Guess I have to blame my ignorance on something else.
Alcohol doesn't kill brain cells

A shocking tid bit link in that article No Triceratops? How did I miss that?  I mean I even had a triceratops model when I was a kid that I got from the London Natural Science Museum.  Crushing just crushing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The $3/gal limit

I set an arbitrary threshold for the price of gas becoming to expensive to drive to work. That price is $3/gallon. Driving home in the snow this am I saw $2.99/gal. The snow will drive it up over $3 easily. I've been prepping. I purchased 700x28c tires & hard mounted fenders. Time to man up & become a full fledged year round bike commuter.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I need 28 hour days

There just isn't enough time in the day. You would think having a job where I'm off 1/2 the year I'd be able to accomplish everything I want. For the most part I can. Sometimes 4 12 hour night shifts wear me down & I spend 2 of my 4 days off recovering.

I've been on a roll the last 3 weeks & have gotten in some good run training. Almost 90 miles in 3 weeks isn't too bad. The wheels fell off the bus this week though. I'm at 7 days with nothing. No running, no riding(not that I have been anyway), no nothing. I have to put a bunch of overtime in (70+hr weeks) the next month. The overtime, driving to the stl for a funeral, & the need to spend time with the family took priority.

Mia has been missing me a lot with the OT so I took her to see Tron Legacy friday. Ok movie not as good as I was hoping. Mia liked most of it though. Especially the fight scene with Daft Punk playing. That kid likes to dance.

Let's see what else? Not much really passed on workinv out today so I could rush around and get a bunch of stuff done before starting a 6 day 72 hour work slog. Going to try hard to get a few workouts in. The other night at work I walked the stairs on one of my breaks. 10 sets of 60 stairs. Will have to do that some more, its a real leg burner.

Damn breaks over back to work I go.

Friday, January 07, 2011

More Springfield CX

No luck on getting State here in 2012 since Jeff City & St. Louis are next in line.  There is no way I can bid against any proposal from either since we haven't had a race here in 4 or 5 years.  MOBAR are talking moving State to a later date in Dec though.  That said I'm going to start planning a CX race for late Dec this year so I can get a future place holder for a chance for State later.   I'm going to start hustling now to get on the calendar early.  The venue I really want I cant see them letting me using for all the weekly training races & a weekend race.  That means I have to get 2 venues lined up.  I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.  How many races do I have to promote in a year to call myself a professional promoter.  I so want Don King hair

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Springfield CX??

I've been kicking around the idea of putting on a CX race for awhile.  After last summers TT series I put on I really started to get interested in it.  Now with gas predicted to be upwards of $4 /gal by end of year it's time for more local races.  I've upped the number of TT's I'm putting on this year & am going to try & have a dirt TT as well.
I'm not kidding myself  I won't be able to draw field sizes like KC or STl.  There just isn't that many people who want to race in Springfield.  I think the most I got to show for any of my TT's was 20.  The Short Track races had descent but small turnout as well.  If I can get 15-20 people out each week I'll consider it a success.
I'm thinking about a series of 4-6 races mid week in Oct or Nov.  That means night races. Mid week allows those racing on the weekends to get in an effort mid week. I doubt there will be enough people to have more than one race.  That said I'll probably use some sort of staggered, handicapped start to make the racing interesting for all levels.  If the races show enough interest I might consider putting in a bid to have State CX in Springfield in 2012.
Cyclocross is a great sport so hopefully the few guys who do race local will show up & help promote the growth of the sport in Springfield.  We used to have a series here but it was competing against bigger weekend races in KC & STL.  Hopefully a mid week series will generate some interest.
This will be a no frills, no entry, no payout race.  All the free money I gave out at the TT's showed me free money can't get people to race.
Oct is a long way off but there is a lot to do in that time frame.  Find a venue(I have a couple in mind that have lights).  Getting the venue approved.  Then course lay out & design.  If you have interest in helping or have any ideas leave me a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. or shoot me an email scottdunsmuirATTHEgmailDOTcom