Thursday, January 06, 2011

Springfield CX??

I've been kicking around the idea of putting on a CX race for awhile.  After last summers TT series I put on I really started to get interested in it.  Now with gas predicted to be upwards of $4 /gal by end of year it's time for more local races.  I've upped the number of TT's I'm putting on this year & am going to try & have a dirt TT as well.
I'm not kidding myself  I won't be able to draw field sizes like KC or STl.  There just isn't that many people who want to race in Springfield.  I think the most I got to show for any of my TT's was 20.  The Short Track races had descent but small turnout as well.  If I can get 15-20 people out each week I'll consider it a success.
I'm thinking about a series of 4-6 races mid week in Oct or Nov.  That means night races. Mid week allows those racing on the weekends to get in an effort mid week. I doubt there will be enough people to have more than one race.  That said I'll probably use some sort of staggered, handicapped start to make the racing interesting for all levels.  If the races show enough interest I might consider putting in a bid to have State CX in Springfield in 2012.
Cyclocross is a great sport so hopefully the few guys who do race local will show up & help promote the growth of the sport in Springfield.  We used to have a series here but it was competing against bigger weekend races in KC & STL.  Hopefully a mid week series will generate some interest.
This will be a no frills, no entry, no payout race.  All the free money I gave out at the TT's showed me free money can't get people to race.
Oct is a long way off but there is a lot to do in that time frame.  Find a venue(I have a couple in mind that have lights).  Getting the venue approved.  Then course lay out & design.  If you have interest in helping or have any ideas leave me a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. or shoot me an email scottdunsmuirATTHEgmailDOTcom

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  1. we have races wednesdays in Sept and Oct before daylight savings. We got a local store to donate a leaders jersey and that's it. Same park and same time each week. Just set up a few cones, took a couple warm up laps, then said go.