Thursday, August 31, 2006

See how easy it is

To show Cale how easy it is to post pics I did a little thievery from his site.
You can even get tricky with them

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What I hate about you(Ugly Kidd Joe Song)


There will be foul language in this post. So to my sister who posts as my niece & claims to be one of my 3 readers just skip to the end.

Remember that band? If not then I hate you. I saw them in the STL in '91.

I'm having some anger issues this AM. So I'm going to vent.

I hate my job.

I hate everyone who has an IQ of 3 who works @ my job, which happens to be everyone of the stupid tits who work there.

I hate people who think they are smart but are stupid shit heads.

I hate lazy mother fuckers who cry when you tell them to get to work. Get a life dumb ass your making a fucking good wage go earn it shithead.

I hate my fucking tool box which fell apart the other night when I went to open it to do some lazy fucks job.

I hate whiny ass bitches who think they deserve the world laid before them.

I hate fixing other people's fuck ups who can't be man enough to admit they fucked it up in the first place.

I hate people who waste my time.

I hate people who think they are smarter than me but have an IQ of 3. We all know I have an IQ of 4 so I'm smarter dipshit.

I hate people who are smarter than me who act like they have an IQ of 3.

I hate the Right rear tire of my car.

I hate douche bags who pull into the gas pump like its a Fucking Nascar pit stop, slow down dumbass!

I hate fucking sorority girls who while talking on the phone don't realize me pointing to the left turn while I'm on my bike isn't a fucking invitation to run my dumbass over. Go fuck your self whore! OK that was a bit harsh you can't help you have no IQ. Graduate & work on getting it up to 3 you dumb bitch.

I hate rich people. Not you Hogan I like you. You make me laugh. But you might go on the list if you keep selling expensive bikes for less than a Dura Ace Gruppo sells for. Dumbass give it to me next time.

I like Red from the 70's show, he says "Dumbass" a lot.

I hate flat tires. I have had 2 of them this week.

I hate Jim can't win a damn race. I don't really hate but I'm starting to get pissed off about the fact MacANutt can't post a cool pic of his bike.

I hate Brad isn't the out right US champ.

I hate Hilton Clarke, foreign bastard.

I hate Shane doesn't ride more.

I hate that I can't give Skip shit about being the Gimp anymore. Going & getting adult on us, asshole.

I hate that it'd frowned upon to have TouĂ‚·rette's. Sometimes I wish I had an excuse for my vulgarity. I also hate the season finale of Rescue ME. What kind of fucking ending was that? It ruined my mood for the whole damn night. Shit heads @ Fox. You'll get that if you watch said show. If you don't watch it I hate you for not watching it, dumbass.

I hate Fox News.

I hate that Blogger's spell checker tells you that you've missed spelled fucking blog. Jesus F Christ how damn hard is it to write code that can detect your own websites name? Fucking idiots with IQ's of 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get an IQ of 4 already mother fucker.

I also hate Spell Checker. Maybe I meant to spell it that way you stupid f'ing computer who thinks your smarter than me.

I'm sick of all this doping shit. Now the news wants to cover cycling. Go fuck yourself you fat ass behind the desk. Grand Tours are hard.

Let's see what else do I hate?

Today pretty much everything. Who am I kidding given a chance I'll pretty much hate anything. I'm a little sick of all the retard shit you have to put up with on a daily basis.

But Thanks to my Amber & her fertility something currently always makes me smile & sometimes almost cry with joy.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mud, Rain, Hills, & Wind

This weekend turned out to be fairly productive for me. Got lots of bone healing sleep as Amber is now referring to it. Got in a 4 hr ride on Sat & a 3 hour on Sun. Did a bunch of yard work on Sat afternoon. The yard actually looks half way descent. Sat afternoon Amber, Mia, & I went & watched the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Not as good as I thought it would be. I'd say wait for DVD.
You ask what does the title mean? Normally those are things that people say make a ride bad. Not me. I say those are the makings of a good ride. Sat I got to ride through mud while riding through a road closed section. For some strange reason I've been having to do a lot of that lately. Must be the season for road construction. Anyway back to the story. Got a flat in the mud which was interesting since the mud was pretty sketchy had to lean way back & ride the flat front till I hit the pavement, only about a 1/4 mile. Sun I got rained on twice. Not a little stinging rain either. A regular deluge. I was a little worried about the amount of standing water on the road @ one point. But after a 1/2 hour of drenching it quit & I started to dry. Then about 8 miles from home when I was almost dry it did it again. Thus the weekend of riding was put into the semi epic category.
The good thing is this was the second week in a row of quality mileage. Next weekend while everyone is @ Gateway I'll be riding my happy ass down to the lake for the weekend. That be a 6 hour ride boys & girls. If all works out I'm going to ride my happy ass home too.

Today working on building up the SS I ran into a few snafus. All small minor irritants. Not enough headset spacers on hand and chain tension. Though Chain Tension might become a big headache. I remembered reading something online about chain length & cog size. So a quick look on Sheldon Brown's site & I think I might have solved my problem, it will just take a little experimenting. If you haven't been too his site, take a few hours and educate yourself. This guy is a genius with bike tinkering. While looking for my answer I discovered my cross bike has Campy dropouts. So you say. Well I have been thinking about building up my other frame as a crosser & having a single speed crosser as a back up. I now have no excuse because my bike is perfect for SS. Now I need to sandblast my other frame to make it look descent again & build it up basically like I have my current bike.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too lazy to type(edit post ass eating)

Garrett Peltonen now works for the SPR's Chamber of Commerce. Actually he has a very funny blog & I highly recommend it.

I woke up this afternoon to a screaming Mia & a perturbed Amber. I guess the previous version of this entry wasn't up to eithers high standards. She seems to think she has edit rights, when will she learn? Anyway it was a half ass effort on my behalf. To make amends to my 3 readers I've gone back & spruced this post up a bit.

Bike practice
has been going very good this week. I even met up with OG, Joey B(who is on something), Jason W(who is also on something), & a Very Fat ICC for an extended Wed night loop. Its amazing what not riding for 6 months will do for your ass. I bet he's all of 300lbs. Those poor Kysriums. If you haven't seen him lately its quite a sight! The something Joey & Jason is on is a run of form. They both are riding the wheels of their bikes right now. Put the hurt on me in a big way. I was so wiped I slept for 8+ hrs today. I know what your thinking what a waste to get 2 days sleep in one day. I needed the recovery though. Speaking of recovery, I got the best massage on Saturday. It pumped new life back into my legs. On Monday for the first time in awhile my legs felt good & have continued too.
Mia sporting her Adidas Hat
Mia sporting my State TT jersey, not long before she has her own.
Mia has decided sitting up is for her.
I still can't figure out why this pic would upset Amber. The pic after was her giving me the I love you middle finger.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some people are just sore loosers

Garret Peltonen would seem to be upset by having to spend a brief amount of time in our humble little town. Guess he's pissed since he got beat @ USPROS by a kid from Springfield. Charles is really in charge isn't he.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The secret life of....

Mike Mertz? I was laying in bed this AM drinking my coffee with Amber & Mia, watching While You Were Out. When Low & behold I made a discovery of what Mertz really does with his time.
Bike rider by day, designer by night?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Speed weaponry

Yesterday Mr. Espenkotter came to town to get a new rack to haul his Cervelo steeds around. He inquired about riding so I said sure. After a few failed GPS attempts @ mi casa, he was pulling his bike out with the damn 404's on. I've mentioned before when he shows with them on be prepared to hurt. I should have bailed right then or took my heavy training wheels off & gone full race ready. I paid the price for being ignorant. Forty miles later my legs weren't thanking me for being a dumbass. Between the wind & Greg I managed to move up to the 11th level of tired. I thought I'd made some progress by breaking the 5 hour sleep barrier. At least now I have a good tired in my legs & not that weird funky blah feeling. I think I'm actually making some in roads into my current state of fatness. Hopefully after a few more good rides I'll be able to keep up with people once again.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

10th level of tired

This week for some reason I've been sleeping like crap. It caught up to me last night bigtime. M legs felt like total poo. Had severe trouble hanging onto Joey B & Peter Gontchars wheels. Haven't hurt like that in awhile. Probably a good thing though lets me know I've been getting some TITS in. Actually 5 straight days so far. Not huge miles but miles non the less. Wanted to bail early last night & come home & sleep a few hours before work but I manned up & finished the practice. I'll let you know if it was a good thing or a bad thing later in the week. Hopefully today I can get some sleep.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy BDay & the one spd

Happy BDAY Mia! She is 3 months old today.

Several years back I ripped the derailleur hanger threads out of this MTB. I've held on to it for no apparent reason. Yesterday I had an idea of what to do with it. Turn it into a single speed. I dugout an old 8 spd cassette & took it to work last night to work on the major hurdle of having only one cog on a freehub body.
With a 2 mm allen wrench I pulled the 3 bolts holding the cassette together. This let me take it apart & get to the individual spacers & cogs.Then I chucked up some 3 inch aluminum round stock into the lathe. I first bored it to fit over a freehub body. I then roughed it out to the general outside diameter I wanted. Had to remove quite a bit of stock. Then I tapered it so I had more surface area @ the cog less on the outside. I cut that piece off & slide it on to the freehub body with the cog & measured to see how big to make my other spacer.
Then some quick assembly and presto chango I have a one speed freehub body. Cool what you can do with a couple hours & a little know how. I'm going to try & get it built up this week so I can take it out for a spin this weekend.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not too shabby

Saturday I decided it was time to start getting some tits in. After a week off out the door I went. For the first time in a long time my legs didn't feel like total poo. I did a reverse loop of the SPR for a solid 3.5 hrs solo. Ran in to EPO waiting for his 6am crew which included the Hammer. No KC for them I guess. Talked to Gunga Sat evening he got 20th @ KC, the last $$$ spot. Nice job. Not to be out done Huff took 8th & won the sprint comp @ Tour of Elk Grove. He backed that up today taking 2nd. Haven't heard how Farasy & Cale did today.

Saturday night Amber's parent's watched Mia so we could go out on a date. We had a really good dinner @ the Rasta grill. Followed by a couple of delicious Bellhavens @ Patton Alley Pub. A pretty good end to a pretty good day.

Today I got out for another 3.5 hrs. Did my version of the Wednesday night with a double Jamesville. Legs were a little tired from yesterday but still not awful like they had been feeling. Hopefully this week I can get in some quality tits & get myself turned around. This afternoon took a great nap in prep of an awful night in hell. Hopefully not too bad so I can come home & get in some tits.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Another State Champ

Just got a call from my mom. My niece Ashton won best in show for her silkie chicken. That be best in show for the Missouri State Fair. That'd be another state champion for my family. Though she gets no cool jersey like her Uncle. Not to be left out my niece Nina got 2nd place. How about that 1-2 pretty damn good chicken raising. Ashton got offered $150 for her silkie. $10 for the eggs. Greg , you & Lauren should have bought some while they were still cheap.


The secret link got found...finally. It took over 2 weeks but yesterday when I got up Amber announced she had found something weird with my blog. I of course played dumb to see if she knew of what she was talking about. Well she did. So now you have till this afternoon to find it & laugh or it will be gone forever.

For those not racing this weekend & want to get in some long SLOW miles. I'll be swinging past McBride about 7:30am SAT on a roundabout route that will have me traveling numerous miles before venturing back home. Perhaps even a big loop of the SPR. All welcome most not. Perhaps I'll then do it again on Sun. I might throw caution to the wind & ride 2 whole days in a row. Or an even crazier idea I might ride 5 separate disciplines on 5 consecutive days. Crazy I know but I have the bikes & by God I'll do it if the wild hair gets under my saddle. The 70 mile round trip on cross bike via the Frisco trail has been on my to do list for awhile. Plus what better excuse to finish building up my single spd mtb. Hell I might make a trip via bike to the lake soon, 6 hrs of climbing yummy! HMMM perhaps some motivation is creeping back into my legs.

Why does blogger's spell checker insist on telling you blog is spelled wrong?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Weed Whacker

I had planned on blogging daily this week but several things have piled up this week & I'd lost enough sleep that yesterday I resorted to plan B & slept 12 hours so no mindless dribble yesterday. I hope everyone was able to entertain themselves with the comments in my absence. I've not ridden once this week & have no plans to do so in the immediate future its too hot & my legs are crap right now anyway. I hate my weed whacker. Not just the tool itself but also the act of using it. It never fails I spend more time fixing it that actually using it. I have stripped it completely down & rebuilt almost everything that can be rebuilt. I've spent enough on it that I could have bought a new weed whacker, but what fun would that be. The damn thing pisses me off so bad I'm not going to give it the satisfaction of beating me. I have some mechanical ability so I have been able to keep it out of the scrap heap for several years now. Eventually I will set it on fire & put it out with a hammer but not until I have shown it who is boss! Luckily Sears has an excellent part website with blowout diagrams to aid in my ongoing frustration. Come to think of it I hate my leaf blower for the same reason.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A new wish list

Besides wanting a new collarbone & younger legs some of you have probably figured out I want a set of 404's. I think the 404's have gone to the side since everyone has them now. I think I want the new PowerTap SL 2.4 when it comes out. $2000 cheaper than the SRM power cranks. I'm curious how accurate it will be though. Hopefully not subject to the interference that HR monitors are.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not a great trip to the Dr.

In keeping with the theme for this week, kick Scott while he's down, I got some great news from the Ortho Dr. today. Almost ZERO healing has taken place in my shoulder. I thought for a second he was looking at last months xray. What I thought was my last appointment, now becomes the first in several to come. I have to go back for xrays again in a month. If similar lack of healing I get to start wearing a Bone Stimulator. Not what you're thinking perves. If that doesn't work, & I hope I don't even have to wear it, I get to start hearing about surgery. The hit list just keeps on rolling for me this week. If Lucky wasn't one of the coolest dogs on the planet I think I'd walk out in the back yard & kick him in the head for being a dog. But I'll channel my anger elsewhere I guess. Hey look there's the bottom of my bottle.

Monday, August 07, 2006

State Crit

It was hot. Lots of people started, lots of people quit because it was hot. Me I quit because I'm a puss & it was hot. This was only the 3x I've ever quit a bike race so I spent some time wallowing in self pity after. I did try & bridge up to the race winning break twice. But could only get within spitting distance both times while watching someone else get across. So I figured why suffer any more & just rolled off the course to the lovely AC of the car. I had to drink 128 oz of h2o & gatorade to take a piss, it was hot.

How people drop out of races all the time is beyond me. I felt kind of dirty after. That said I'm now officially down till cross season. This weekend proved I need lots of bike practice to get better. Here's some pics enjoy.

This is a cool ass pic.
Phil's better than me. He won the 40+ earlier. Managed to get to the break in the 3's, unlike me. Quit sweating then dropped out wisely.
Did I mention it was hot?
I spent most of my race drinking.

Even Curt is better than me, he lasted 10 more minutes longer in the crit than I did.

On the way home we stopped @ Taco Bell. My sauce packet said " I'm scared of bike tires". Who knew Taco Bell was like the Magic 8 Ball. I foresee several 6 hour, lots of 3-4 hour bike practices in my immediate future to make amends for being a quitter.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Picture Share

Since I've not posted a mass of Mia pics in awhile here goes. I did manage to throw in a couple of pics from the race. I carried my camera around all day & took like 4 pics.Mia now like to sit up most of the time.
Mia & her Mommy
Mia & her daddy
We like it when shes grinning instead of crying
Out like a light
Cool bath hat
Where'd you go?
Sweet hair
I think my mom should do something like this to her mini.
Espenkotter @ the crits