Sunday, July 31, 2005

Queen City

For Results go to The results for the 3's are a bit screwy but you can see our fastest lap speed which is cool.

Great weekend. Weather cooperated this year. Turn 2 for Saturdays crit is going to need a total overhaul before next year. The vast majority of the wrecks(& there were a lot) were here.

Well VanAsten asked for a "move" part Deux. I obliged & gave him one. How about a break from the 2nd lap? A Tyson guy went down in turn 2 & some heads up riding got Greg & I around it. ICC BURIED himself to get a gap & keep me up there. He redlined after a couple laps & had to go back to the safety of the pack. I stuck it out & seeing that the other 5 guys in the break each had @ least 20 pounds of sprint on me I made a quick decision. Take 6th & keep the break away. So I did the vast majority of the work & kept us free. Cale rode a great final field sprint to nip 9th place. So 6th & 9th not too shabby for the OCC boys in a crit that avg about 26mph.

Today the OCC boys made the race. Super G ended up 9th in the Sprint but we really animated it. We sent attack after attack. Stoker Ace took a tumble early on so had some wounds to lick & ICC was just spent from the pressure of putting on what was an excellent weekend of racing. They did manage to hold on to the back & finish with the group. Cale , Super G, or I was either in every break or chasing it down.

I must have lost my mind this afternoon, call it too much sun. But I lined up with Cale & Super G for the start of the 1/2/3 race. I planned on going in 15 min intervals. From the whistle it was balls to the walls. At one point I though t my shifter was broke. Turns out I had run out of gears. I've never used my 53x11 that much, ever. We were going up the finish hill @ close to 30mph. I guess we avg close to 29 mph for the first 30 min. Of course as soon as I pull the plug @ 31 min the pace slows up a bit. I'm still kicking myself for not hanging on a little longer. But it was an experience. Cale hung in valiantly for almost 60 min(the 1//2/3 race was 75 minutes plus 5 ICC is a sadist!). But Super G hung in & finished sprinting @ the end to score 12th place! That's why we call him Super.

I heard Skip got abducted by the Taliban today. We tried to raise his ransom but all we could come up with was $1.67 & some pocket lint. Sorry Skip don't let them brain wash you too much.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday Night

Hooked up with ICC & Stoker Ace to ride the Greenways over to the Thursday night ride. Of course the usual subjects were around; The Hammer, Hulk Hogan, NYG(those new Ksyrium's are fast), & a few tri geeks. The Thursday Night loop is a pretty good one when you throw in the ride to Ozark. My senior citizen legs were having some better sensations today but still not up to snuff. I was able to avg about 12.789534 Kilojoules today with some peaks around 45.987544 KJ. I'm thinking I need to get with Scot V & have him talk to Carmichael about using my formula to train his truly top notch athletes.

I've been working on a little science experiment in my head lately & today I discussed it with resident physicist ICC. It involves a very hot day, a hotter bottle of water, & a CO2 inflater. My thinking is that since a tube valve freezes from CO2 shouldn't one be able to cool a bottle by shooting CO2 @ it? The next really hot day I'm going to pick up the super pack of CO2 cartridges from Wally World & give it a shot. I'll be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.

This weekend is finally the City Crits. The team of Champion seem to be on good form. So between them & Big Shark chasing MOBAR points the OCC boys will have their hands full making a good showing. But I have faith with State crit a week away we might have a few surprises up our sleeves. Sunday will be interesting with the bulk of the OCC 3's slated to hop in the 1/2/3 crit to attempt 75 min of hell.

Huffy can't get no respect. have waited till a pro takes over the Green Jersey to post pics of the holder. While everyday posting pics of all 3 jerseys holders on the women's side. I'm thinking they are dissing the amateurs just a little much. They should have been excited over the David & Goliath story they had on their hands. Oh well he did ride to a very respectable 10th today. Greeker dropped out today suffering from what I hear is a very bad cut on his foot.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Breakaways aka Vino's

Today's workout we'll call Break aways or Vino's for Scot V. Basically going all out for a period backing off just a hair for a little while longer followed by a equal recovery to be repeated. Really its just the quickest way to get to sufferville. I felt somewhat better today but still the equation #'s weren't up to par. Probably 23.98990 kilojoules(after modifying the equation for windspeed & headset looseness per Skip's suggestion, I don't use butter so had to delete that idea). Hopefully I can get some snap in make legs by Saturday.

Today was a sad day in my life. My truck & I parted ways. Yes believe it or not I sold it. It was becoming an eye sore on the neighborhood & I thought perhaps one of the local Mexican Brick Layers could get more use out of it. So hasta la Bye Bye Jeep Hola B2 TT.

Go HuffyUSA! Still in Green. Looks like he's going to need a few top 10's to keep it. Let's hope he can do it. I'd say the Green Jersey @ Toona is the fast track to a Pro Contract.

Speaking of Pros. Vino to Liberty Seguros? Not sure about that one. I guess the Disco boys have a lot of faith in my man Salvodelli.

Me on the last rapid(really the only rapid) of the Nantahalia River, NC Posted by Picasa

Me above Hell, Hell Hole that is on the Ocoee River Posted by Picasa

After the Nashville Rednecks got done with my Car Posted by Picasa

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In 20+ years of living in Missouri I'd never been up in the Arch. Posted by Picasa

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Back in the Saddle again

8 days is too damn long to go without saddle time. My next recovery week I'm going to be a little more active & a little less alcoholic. I knew doing the Tuesday night world's was going to hurt but not that bad. I was screwed from the get go with Sandbagger Skip, The Hammer, CMac, SuperG, Hulk Hogan, & Mr. B(who's pimping a sweet Moots these days) all showing up. That's a combination that doesn't bode well for the Senior Citizen Circuit ride I was hoping for. Oh well the lungs needed a whomping.

From the top of Turner Station hill I was having what felt like cardiac arrest. Legs felt a little heavy but for the life of me I couldn't get the heart rate down. The double pace line action probably wasn't helping. That & the fact that I was putting out an impressive 36.789 kilojoules. A figure I derived from a complex equation I developed myself to be able to post data for you techies. You first add your age to your jersey size, divide that number by the size of your biggest chainring, add the total of teeth your rear sprocket has, multiple that by the average number of riders in your group, subtract your shoe size(metric shoe size), then divide the total number of ounces you consumed on the ride. I know its a little complicated but I hear it will be an option on the new ONSTAR bike computers due out soon.

I popped pretty good coming into the Rogersville High school crossing. Turning out those kind of numbers most people would have popped much earlier, believe me. So I got to suffer in most of the return by myself missing one train & getting caught @ the next one(who lays out a route where you cross the tracks twice?).

Had to hit the Senior Citizen recovery drink(Boost) pretty hard when I got home. I managed to stumble into the shower & drag myself to bed for a nap before heading to work. By that point I had reverted to cave man language(monosymblistic). Able to utter things about being old & needing a nap.

With the forecast for rain Wednesday I think I'll skip the big ring fest & punish myself with some intervals. Less people to see me explode that way. It is hard to wash that goop out of ones jersey.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Just in case some of you don't follow as close as I do HuffyUsa & the Mercy boys are racing @ the Tour De Toona. HuffyUsa put up a badass TT to sit 13th on GC.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday means Navigation

Monday's have become an interesting day in my training regime. This spring it was a weekly trip to Petra's Rock Gym to work on my climbing skills for the Ozark Challenge & to strengthen my massive upper body. Currently Mr. B & I are using Monday's to bushwhack through some of the most over grown terrain in the country.

In AR racing my weakest link is navigation. I'm not horrible, when I'm on I can find a needle in a haystack. When I'm off I couldn't find a lighthouse on a dark night. So to even things up Mr. B & I have been training our navigational skills just like it was running or cycling. We have ourselves a little O course set up & attempt to find our markers. It is an enlightening experience. Tonight we learned not to take the marker for grated, read the map. Oops. Found an old flag & thought it was ours without consulting the map. Lessoned learned, knowledge stored away for Nationals in November.

I hear the OCC boys did well on Sunday. A big Congrats to CMac on a fine 3rd place!

I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll have to make an appearance @ the Tues Night World's. Think I'll drive over though, too damn hot for 80 miles.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Got home late Saturday afternoon to a scorcher. It is freaking hot here! We left the Smokies @ a very nice 76 deg to come home to Sprinburg @ a whopping 100+ deg! Damn want a change.

Well no word yet on how Scot V did @ Mt. Evans. I'm guessing he's taking his time to tell me I won his contest. The rest of the OCC boys are taking on the heat in Pittsburgh, KS. I'm guessing we'll have another fine result from Super G. I'm hoping Sandbagger Skip will get a good result as well, his form is certaintly there.

Scott V probably is crapping his pants about now. His boy Vino WON the final stage. Shame the time bonus' were voided. He'd have moved up a place to 5th beating Levi. Earlier in the stage it was cool to see Vino take on 4 Gerolsteiner riders @ the first sprint & win. Vino is starting to win me over as a fan. I like his attacking, throw caution to the wind style(sounds vaguely familiar).

NEWS FLASH: Vino got the 20 sec bonus! He's 5th on GC! Sucks for Levi but Vino deserved it with the last 2 days he's put in. Well now they're saying maybe not. Dman French can't make they're minds up.

Vacation is over, recovery week as well. Time to get the kit back on throw my leg over the bike & get some good training in this week in prep for the Queen City Crits. Who knows on Sunday I may suit up for the double & race with the 1-2's as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Out East on Vacation


I guess Springfield is a little farther ahead than I thought. Every where we’ve been so far people look @ you like your speaking a foreign language if you ask about WIFI. I even asked one lady who was holding a laptop & got the 10 mile stare. I then had to explain to her what that little red square on the side of her computer was. I suppose I’m spoiled by having access to the internet all over town. Not so in the East, so far.<>Tuesday Amber & I slept in a little & leisurely got around to start our drive in a generally Easterly direction. We had decided to stop in St. Louis for a few hours @ Six Flags. We managed to ride all the coasters in less than 4 hours. My personal favorites being Batman & the Boss. On Batman we actually got to ride right on the front (a first on a roller coaster for me). The Boss is cool because it’s an old school wooden roller coaster with lots of speed, twists, & turns.

With no real time schedule we decided to go tour the Arch, something neither of us had ever done. We decided the ride up to the top counted as another coaster ride to put us @ 7 for the day. We did all the silly tourist stuff taking funny pics in the museum & from the top. Will post a few later when I get a chance.<>I’m typing this up in the internet less hotel room awaiting the real reason behind our trip the Dave Mathews show. Amber is starting to get pretty excited; this will be her 4th Dave show & my 2nd.<>

<>Got to the room just in time to watch my man Sallovdelli win a Tour stage! I said he was one to watch. More later.


<>Let me say the Dave Show last night was the best live show I've ever scene. DMB was on fire. They jammed for over 2+ hrs then came out for 2 encore songs. here's the set list for you audiophiles:

Wednesday Jul 20 2005
Starwood Amphitheatre

American Baby Intro

Dream Girl


You Never Know

Time Of The Season

Hunger For The Great Light

Jimi Thing

Steady As We Go

American Baby


You Might Die Trying

Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd


Stand Up
Louisiana Bayou

Old Dirt Hill

What You Are

Show Notes:
* Robert Randolph

indicates a segue into next song

The show started with Free parking! Yes Free Parking! I'll definetly go back to shows in Nashville. The parking is in a big grass field. It rained before hand so it was muddy. Needless to say the car got a little dirty. I'll post pics later.

We slept in a little got up watched a little of the Tour & loaded the muddy sub up. Off we headed for the Ocoee River to Whitewater rafting. Amber had never been on the Ocoee since its a little more advanced than her current boating abilities. I had some doubts going into the trip since I've boated the Ocoee so much. It surprised me & was extremely fun. We had a first year guide who was very talkative & entertaining. She only got us stuck on some small rocks once. Amber was grinning ear to ear the whole time.

After boating we stopped for a very nice dinner & headed on to the Nantahalia River for the site of tomorrows fun. Amber is going to suit up & get back in the kayak for hopefully a more entertaining time for her than her last trip. She ended up with a few swims & some nice bumps & bruises. We had planned on camping but our favorite campsite has been turned into a river front development. Damn money hungry people. So after a short sidetrip we decided on grabbing a hotel with wireless & a pool, & a nice hot shower.

Monday, July 18, 2005

White Line Fever

State TT finally got here. I've been waiting for the hour of pain it would dish out for awhile now. Not a great day but a good day . Plus it kicked of my vacation nicely. ICC's Dad is probably one of the greatest hosts I've ever had. That man is great, full fridge(with good beer), & he slept on the floor so we would have comfy bed's. No that is going all out in my book!

ICC & Cale got all geeked out & I was a little nervous that they were subtracting precious seconds before even getting in the cluster F called registration (those aero helmets are scary fast). Imagine 100+ people all trying to register first, ready, set, get in line! I used my weasel skills to get toward the front of the line & guarantee a "cool" start time(remember its July in Missouri & its always HOT). So after a little discussion about helping Super G by stealing some MOBAR points, we all bucked up & registered as 3's instead of Old Men.

I think ICC pulled a fast one on me telling me the race didn't start till 10 & we could go back to his Dad's & chill drink some java & eat some breakfast. Turns out the start was @ 8 & my start time was 8:16. By the time I got registered it was 7:15, oops. A made dash to get the bikes. Dressed & on the bike with 15 mi to spare. Plenty of warm up for a guy who doesn't like to warm up too much. My old school thinking believing it just wears you out. I think I'm going to change my belief on this one for TT's though. It took me 10k of struggling badly to get my rhythm.

I rolled to the line with 2 min to spare after my truncated warmup. Just enough time to wish Cale luck & yell for him as he pushed of in a huge gear. A deep breath & off I go. Like I said struggle is putting it nicely for the first 10k. I couldn't get a gear to roll. Finally I found my rhythm & started riding on the smoothest part of the road, the white line. Clipping along @ 27-28mph I should have realized I had a full blown tailwind. Somehow I convinced myself it was a cross & I'd be good for the return. Nope. At the turn I snuck up on Cale & nipped him just after. Unfortunately the eventual winner of the 3's also caught me for 2 min @ the turn,WOW! The return for a lack of a better word sucked. Headwind. I struggled a long @ 21-23 mph Mostly @ 21 mph. With 8k left I found some reserves & kicked it up to about 26 mph to really struggle to the finish.

The $400 min was actually 58 seconds. 58:35 not what I wanted but good enough for 3rd in 3's. ICC came home in 58:52(Not sure how I beat him) good enough for 4th. That's all the results I have for now but will post the rest of the OCC boys times when I find them on the net. But from talking to everyone Springfield made a showing. With @ least one Jersey that I know of, good job Diane.

Well I'm off for vacation. Will post as I can to let everyone know of the adventures that will likely ensue.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Don't know if it was luck but was headed out for an easy ride this afternoon when I realized @ the edge of my subdivision I didn't have my seat pack. So I turned around & picked it up not wanting to tempt fate. Well it was a good thing because about 30 minutes later I got a rare for this season flat. Phewww! Dodged a long walk on that one, since against Amber's best advice I don't carry my cell phone either. I know they can be handy but I don't like the idea of someone being able to intrude on my ride. I also know I can turn it off but its the idea of it that gets me. Next season when someone comes out with an ONSTAR cycle computer with built in Watt meter maybe I'll get one of those.

For some reason I can't figure out the roads North of me have been repaved with the smoothest pavement I've ever ridden on. If one could ride on a giant baby butt I'm thinking this is what it would feel like. It lets you cruise along effortlessly; if your feeling good & today didn't start that way. After my flat things start to gel a little & I got in a rhythm that allowed me to not focus on the bad sensations my legs were giving me & let my vacationing mind do there thing. A thought that did strike me today was how much faster the Felt feels than the Beast. I hate to say this Scot V. but ten speed & Ksyrium's aren't hype. They are freaking fast!

See what I say about my mind being on vacation already? I had somewhere I was going with this entry but I guess its going to end up with me posting it & going on to the 3 S's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tour daze

The last few days my day has consisted mainly of the Tour de France. I start reading the Live coverage @ work around my 5am break. Then @ 7:30 I speed home to catch the live coverage till about 11am. Then I try & fall asleep(this week unsuccessfully). After watching what are my favorite stages the mountains, I'm a little too excited to fall right off to sleep. So training this week hasn't been the greatest so far.

Monday I did get in a very productive orienteering workout with Mr. Bradley of just over 2hrs. Tuesday's stage was epic so I couldn't sleep, so no workout. Today still couldn't sleep but knew I need to get something done. After a short almost 4 hr nap I got out on the TT bike for some intervals. Being overly tired & trying to do intervals on an aero bar don't mix incase you needed to know. I have this theory though about not quitting an interval workout so I mustered on. I think if you quit when the going gets hard you'll plant that seed of doubt in your mind & when your racing that feeling of giving up will creep in. Its all muscle memory so if you teach them to quit that's what they'll do. I'm sure Mr. Coach can confirm or deny my theory.

Next week I'm going on a much needed vacation(Don't worry I have a laptop). I think my mind has already left so the rest of the week my body is going to be fighting my mind over how to prepare for my beating @ State TT. If today's workout is any indication then its going to be bloody.

Tour De Soulard, Emory, ICC, & Super G Posted by Picasa

Me @ Tour De Soulard Crit Posted by Picasa

Pics from Tour De Soulard Crit, ICC & Super G Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005


I haven't raced a crit since Joe Martin so I was a little anxious before the start of a 10 turn high speed crit. Add in the fact that 70+ cat 3/4 we're entered I knew it was going to be an interesting day. Emory met ICC, Super G & I @ the race. Skip was supposed to show but I think he's dodging USCF officials who have an upgrade notice for him so just the 4 of us toed the line.

As soon as the course was open for a practice lap 70 guys toed the start line ala mountain bike style. ICC, Super G, & I took our lap & our position @ the back of the line up was ensured. Being the seasoned mountain biker that I am I weaseled my way up to the 2nd row with a straight shot @ the inside line of the first turn. Having Norba National race start flashbacks I hit it super hard from the start & hit the first turn 5th wheel diving in hard hoping no one would clip me from behind. I then dug deep to get on or near the front as soon as possible. The first 5 laps hurt! My speedo hardly dropped below 28mph on these early laps with me either on the front or 2nd or 3rd wheel. I figured the best way to avoid crashes was to be up front out of trouble.

ICC, Super G & Emory didn't far so well & had to battle up. Emory got caught out & rallied on till being pulled with over 1/2 of the field. ICC & Super G kept picking off people till ICC missed a gap & had to soldier on in the chase groups till getting pulled with less than 3 laps to go. Super G made it into the front group of about 25 with me. I got some bad info & thought the two of us were in a small group of the front so I tucked my head & kept the tempo fast. I figured if the pace was really hard no one could get free & Super G could easily win the field sprint. Well it worked in a way. There were more people than I thought but breakaways were kept to nill.

Super G snuck up & won himself a lovely prem of a CD that won't play. He later went for another one & kept going with 2 others in which would be the deciding break. Once he had a gap I got on the front & slowed things up enough to keep him away. Super G then pulled up a little in the sprint so as not to look greedy & win twice in two weeks(no sense upgrading this late in the season unless your Skip). So he pulled out a nice 2nd & I sat up my job done for the day & coasted in the group. Things are looking good for State Crit.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sat @ Home(for a change)

With the price of gas now @ a whopping $2.20 I've decided to skip Sat Cougar Crit(never liked SIU anyway). So I'm sitting here on the couch lazily drinking a nice cup of java, surfing the net, & of course watching the Tour. First day in the Mtns & all ready people are dropping like flies. Today's going to be a day of errends & chores. I think I'll even break down & mow my pathetic little lawn.

I think 4 of us are headed to Soulard tom. Not a full team but Gunga's firing on 24 cylinders, ICC is gearing up for State, & Skippy's looking for his final upgrade points. We should put in a strong day. I hear the course is crazy technical. Something like 12 turns! Its going to bea fun day for sure.

Watched Troy last night after going for a nice run with Amber on her blades. Let me save 3 hrs of your life. Brad Pitt kills everyone he meets, sleeps with most of the chicks, you see his naked ass 3 or 4 times, & because of his heel he dies & becomes famous. Can you give a movie negative stars?

Oh yeah Bob Roll's an idiot.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Tonight the OCC boys went out for a motopacing session. Super Gunga, Stoker Ace, ICC, & myself. Skippy the Sandbagger generously offered to drive the Zebra scooter for us. We all hooked up on the Greenways for some pre workout sight seeing. Skip showed up after some stealth riding on the Greenways wearing what can only be described as bug goggles. I'm guessing they allow him to get intouch with his inner butterfly. He did seem a little to giddy about the opportunity to ride us into the ground.

We decided on rotating out @ 30 sec intervals. Easier said than done. Its easy to sit in the draft of the scooter but getting back on the tail end takes a massive sprint. My thanks to the douche bag who caused us permanent hearing damage when he came by on is teenie weenie bike.

A quick out & back being drug by skip was plenty for my legs tonight. I'm not sure but I think he gunned it everytime it was my turn behind the scooter & then again when I rotated out so I'd have to chase back on. This can't be confirmed though & I'm sure he'll deny it. But my legs are almost positive that's what was happening.

Well we're racing this weekend in St. Louis. I'm fence sitting on doubling up Sat & Sun or just Sun. We'll see how my old decrepit legs feel tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wed Night Chill Ride(almost typed that with a straight face)

First this is being retyped a day later, because my 1847 computer @ work crashed when I hit the publish button last night. It likes to give me a blue screen about 2 or 3 times a night to try & raise my blood pressure.

After my last hot Wed night ride I decided to drive over to McBride so I could have a cooler full of nice cold agua. After the usual dick around we rolled out nicely. ICC, Stoker Ace, EPO, Gunga, Skippy the Sandbagger, & a couple of others who didn't stay around for the night's slow pace.

We had a nice leisurely ride to the first hill talking about the tour, etc. My legs weren't feeling too bad today so when EPO gave his usual attack on trailer park hill I gave it a go(a big go). I think I even heard Stoker Ace breathing heavy @ the top. The next hill we got to see Gunga's new climbing legs. I think unemployment has made him hungry. Jamesville showed me 2 things: I need to work on my climbing & when Stoker Ace says he feels like crap what he really means is he's going to rip your legs off & shove them in your wheels.

From the top of Jamesville is usually a nice stroll to Boaz & tonight was no different. The speedo never dropped below 25. We hit the Boaz sprint with me pulling on the front desperately trying to hold my set pace of 34. Farasy screamed past me @ 70(watts or mph the lingo is confusing) to take the sprint. I enjoy the section from Boaz to the next stair step climb. Tonight saw the pace get really hot. After one long pull I actually Buked. That be burping with chunks that land on your top tube.

EPO decided the pace wasn't hot enough so we rode to Battlefield with our tongues in our spokes. Somewhere along the way Skippy stopped to smell some flowers & chase butterflies. I'm thinking he believes if he fakes getting dropped we'll give him less crap about being a sandbagger. Guess its working.

I decided to mix it up in the Battlefield sprint. I managed to get in the perfect starting spot(I've been watching the Tour Sprint finishes). But watching and doing are two different things. I got confused about which side I should come around on(senior moment) & could only manage getting within a half bike length of Super Gunga.

I hear Cale skipped tonight's ride to do some secret ninja assassin TT workout. Now ICC is talking about doing a week of TT training before state TT. I think they've joined some crazy TT cult where they put funny helmets on your head & chant about the aero effectiveness of frisbees. Holy Crap I think they've brainwashed me into joining!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Road Kill

After a busy Monday of driving home, a Fat 4 hour nap, a nice run with Amber while she rollerbladed(turns out blading burns more calories than running), a very good BBQ @ the Pettus'(Petti?), & a night from hell @ work. Tues AM called for a relaxing few beers while watching the Tour Team Time Trial. A great race & I really felt sorry for poor David Z. Sucks to loose the jersey like that. 500 meters more & he would have had the same finish time & he would have been tied for the Yellow.

I decided to bag what has become my ritual of riding to & from the Tues night World's & go for an easy spin. I was just spinning along enjoying the new pavement the county has so nicely supplied me when.... BAM! A rabbit shoots out & I run it over! One dead bunny brings my Weekly total to 1 dead rabbit & 1 dead squirrel(from Sundays ride). I guess the stars have aligned & animals have decide to run into or under the Felt's front wheel. I wish I could say this was a first but its not. A few years back in the course of a week I ran over the tails of 2 squirrels. One on my MTB & one on the Beast. I'm hoping the size of the animals is not increasing that I'm hitting because eventually I foresee a deer. Funny enough(not for the poor guy) in a mtb race I saw a guy ride into an elk. The elk walked off & the guy got a trip in an ambulance plus had to replace his bike.

Living in a "target rich environment" I'm getting a little worried. Every night I drive to work I see several dead animals. If this is the case my odds of more bicycle road kill increases greatly. I wonder if I need to get a hunting license? I'll have to inquire with my brother-in-law the Conservation Agent.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Sunday saw me skipping racing & heading to my parents house @ the lake. Figured I start my day by riding as far as Ava(about 60 miles). A good ride with a nice headwind & some quality rollers. My legs had good sensations after a good night of recovery from Columbia.

The rest of the day was spent on/ in/under the water. Either in the pool or in the lake. My twin nieces & my twin cousins + a single cousin where down. Yes twins run in my family. I spent more time under water than I have in years. A very enjoyable day with a little Pro Tour Freestyle Tubing thrown in for good measure. Although Amber's Pro days were short lived. Followed by some really good fireworks & some good bbq & @ a family friends house.

Good Job Farasy on the Fine win in the Columbia Crit! Wish I would have been there to help.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well my legs maybe but not the course. I have to say that this was about a perfect a course for me as could be found. But this day it wasn't to be since I haven't raced in a month & there was zero snap in my legs. It turned out to be a good day of training though. Wish I could have done more on the front. I can't believe we let a guy get away on the 2nd lap of 11 miles & stay away. DUMB!!! It was a good move on his part though. One I should have taken advantage of in my new opportunistic racing style.

Racing in Missouri is a lot different than in Arkansas. Gunga had warned me of this before the start. I think if given the opportunity I think Missouri racers would ride 12mph to the last 3/4 mile then start sprinting. Kind of what happened in this race. No one would work. Just like racing in AR though I heard talk about the OCC boys. There scared of us & they expect us to do the work as well.

Also like AR you have the total dumbasses who attack in the feed zone. Why? It's 100 degrees out let everyone get water. I expressed my view point to the Dogfish idiot on his total lack of common sense after his 2 min break away. Wow! Well worth causing people to miss bottles. I guess that's these idiots game plans. Make as many people as possible miss there feed so they have heat stroke & have a seizure on the side of the road. Then there will be less people for the final 3/4 of a mile sprint. Once again. DUMB!!! Learn to race idiot!!! You know who you are dumbass.

Once we got to about 3 miles to go Farasy & I had a 3 stooges moment over who was going to lead out who for the sprint for 2nd. Something like this:
"You want me to lead you out?" Farasy.
"I'll lead you out." me.
"I'll lead you out." Jim.
"No I'll lead you out."
"No let me."
"No I'll do it." Me.
Well I won out & got to lead, kind of. The uphill sprint started @ 4 or 500 meters. So to keep Farasy in the mix I had to wrap it out full bore to bridge him up & total baked myself. Sorry Jim I had 200 meters in my legs. Hated to leave him on his own with 200 to go but figured he had a better chance on someones wheel as opposed to no ones. Well it was a little to far for both of us. Next time.

On to the hot lap. All I can say what a mess. 1 lap around the circuit course. Thank god for bar end shifters. I shifted every 50 meters it was that rolling. A lousy time though since my legs were shot & I had one hour cool down/warm up before. I don't want to hear it Huff I'm a puss & I know it!

Great job Skippy! You rode great. You need to follow the golden rule. If there is a climb in the last 5 miles be in the top five @ the bottom so if you fade you'll still be able to hold on or bridge back. Also sorry for that acceleration on said climb thought you were following my wheel to the front.

Hopefully a good week of training will be on deck.