Monday, July 04, 2005


Sunday saw me skipping racing & heading to my parents house @ the lake. Figured I start my day by riding as far as Ava(about 60 miles). A good ride with a nice headwind & some quality rollers. My legs had good sensations after a good night of recovery from Columbia.

The rest of the day was spent on/ in/under the water. Either in the pool or in the lake. My twin nieces & my twin cousins + a single cousin where down. Yes twins run in my family. I spent more time under water than I have in years. A very enjoyable day with a little Pro Tour Freestyle Tubing thrown in for good measure. Although Amber's Pro days were short lived. Followed by some really good fireworks & some good bbq & @ a family friends house.

Good Job Farasy on the Fine win in the Columbia Crit! Wish I would have been there to help.


  1. Thank you, Sorry I blew your grerat lead out on Saturday. That finish was to long for this short guy. Thanks to Stokes, Pettus, McAninch for helping me win.


  2. That lead out kinda sucked but since I'm no sprinter my lead outs are getting better. Remember the ill fated lead out @ NWA. I'm trying to forget it myself it was even uglier. Great win though this weekend. Wish we could have made it 2 for 2.