Saturday, July 21, 2012

8 hour shifts are messing with me

I've worked 10-12 hour shifts most of my adult working career.  I did an odd year or so on 8's but those were day shift 8's. 

I just can't get in a groove.  Doesn't help that 3 weeks in and I'm working extra days already.  This will be a minimum 12 day stretch. 

I'm sleeping pretty good, just at the wrong times.  Today I slept 10+ hrs.  Amber woke me up 10 min before I usually leave for work.  She'd been at her parents & didn't know I was still out cold.  Guess my phone crashed so no alarm.  Technology. 

I need to get in a schedule.  It's near impossible but I gotta do it.  Mostly so I can see my family.  Plus I can get stuff done around the house.

My luck I'll get in a good groove & I'll get switched back to my old work schedule.  Which I wouldn't complain about.  A whole lot less OT & I know my work schedule years in advance out side of a few coverage OT days.  The current schedule I don't know till Wednesday night if I have to work on the weekend.  Makes pre registering for a race a waste of time.

I guess I need to force myself to workout in the AM my PM.  I've never been a workout after work guy.  Mostly because of the 12 hour shifts.  Time to convert to how most "normal" people get it done.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another reason never to drive to work ever again

Super tired & its stupid hot so I decided to drive to work.  About 100 meters from where the greenways pops out onto fr150 (my normal ride to work) I hit a damn cow.  By time I made contact I was almost stopped in the left lane.  It ran toward me. Stupid cow no wonder they get ate. 

Car not too bad. Will need new passenger side headlight & front quarter panel.  Hopefully the two farmers quit arguing about who owns the cow & takes responsibility.  I'll find out in am I guess.  A quick online search headlight $185 , unpainted quarter panel $385.  Crap.

100f at midnight at work.  100+ for next 10 days, all of which I have to work. Crap.

Didn't run tonight because I fell asleep on the couch after I woke up to run.  Guess ill have to start running in am or on treadmill till it cools a bit.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday "long" run

I've gotten away from runs longer than 10 miles in the last couple of months.  Figure I should get back to weekly "long" runs.  Let's face it, runs aren't really long till you hit the 20+ mile mark.  Going to build up slowly & hopefully get to were a 25+ mile run doesn't wreck me.

Today got in a solid 12.  Saw a very skinny fox running down the road in the industrial park near my house.  Quite a few people on the Frisco trail.Including an old man riding his bike, holding a soft sided cooler, with his helmet dangling from his handlebars. Just shook my head at him. 

On the way back it was getting warm so I stopped & dunked my head in the fountain of one of the local limo factories.  Very refreshing though I've had water in my ear ever since.
Last mile wasn't so great as both my hamstrings tightened up on me. 

Spent the afternoon napping.  4 hrs to be exact.  Don't feel guilty since I have to work tonight.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hills & wild dreams

My vacation in Colorado showed me one thing.  I don't run enough hills.

There is a 5k that's starts from Mia's school with the motto I survived the hill.  Last year it was my downfall in the race.  This year I'm taking a new approach. 

I made the hill into a Strava segment(ran it 11x since 7/2).  Hopefully by October come race time I'll have covered the .2 mile segment a few hundred times.  Surely running it so much will have added benifits like making me better at running hills fast.

Last year the race was won in 18:05.  I was 3rd in 19:33(had almost 2 months off prior thanks to my back).  I figure to win it 17:30 this year.  Pretty quick for a race that goes up the whole 2nd half.  If I can run 17:30(a min faster than I've run this year& on a flat course) by mid October surely I can run sub 17 at Turkey Trot.  Probably not but I can dream lol.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Friday, July 06, 2012


Got out for a run at 10 last night.  Not a great night run by any stretch of the imagination.  This week has been one of those blah weeks training wise.  Managed a run every day but none have been worth a crap.  Looking at my Garmin Connect calendar shows June was a horrible month.  Then I finished it off with a 15 hr week in Colorado.  That was 2 weeks ago.  Last week was super hot & didn't get much of anything done.  Thinking all that time at altitude followed by an off week has gotten me into my current funk.  Going to try & train my way out of it.