Friday, January 27, 2012

Where the F?#$! did Scott go??

Anyone that might even remotely read this has probably figured out that over time I quit posting here for various other social media venues.  Not really quit posting just quit using it for anything else than a place to dump stuff I wanted to remember later.  Pretty boring I know but I was very hooked up in other social media outlets & Blogger just took too much time & was frankly a pain in the ass to access from the mobile device I had for the last few years.  Well things have changed, as again any of you who would read this have figured out.  I've severed social media ties.  OOPS Where did Scott go?  No where just less on the net lately.  I have a new mobile device which makes Blogger less of a pain.  Plus now I'm not ate up with Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc maybe i can make a post or two here to let the 7 people who occasionally read this know I am alive.  

A lot has changed in the last two months.  My email addie is the same so if you really need to get a hold of me there is that.  My phone # is different.  If you don't have it I'm guessing you don't need it.  I have a more current mobile phone platform. Android.  Lets face it Blackberry's days have come & gone. Actually right now I'm re-purposing my Storm2 for K2 to use (to watch Gubble Puppies on).  That show is baby crack.  In the last year its the only thing we have found that can chill him out.  I'm not thrilled about plunking him down in front of the tube but if it stops the screaming then sign me up.  The Storm2 will become diaper bag defense when were out & he looses it; like tonight at Hinode, thank you You Tube.  

OK got a little of course there.  Anyway I'll try & update this a little more to keep the net up on my doings.  Hopefully CX will be part of those doings in the fall. I've missed two seasons now & i'm getting the itch pretty bad now that the season is over. Go figure.  State TT falls on one of my days off this year so that will be a focus for sure.  Not won a 40+ State Jersey yet...  Running has become a focus again, more on that later.  I've been geeking out on a new computer I built.  I'm now almost 100% Windows free.  New computer is running Linux 11.10.  Amber hates it but I like.  I say almost 100% Windows free, Mia has a computer in her room running XP.  Less face it its hard to sever all ties with Windows.  

Ok enough for now.  More later.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Android Blogger Test

Not much here. Just testing the Blogger App on my phone. Perhaps more to come later.