Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mia's starting to walk

Here's a quick video of Mia using a walker my Grandad made me 36 years ago to learn to walk with.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't call me Skip

Yes I know its been over a week since my last update. I had a very busy week. I did manage to get out on Wednesday & do part of the Wednesday night ride. My bike shifted like Hogan had worked on it. Let it sit idle too long. The ride wasn't pretty & I took the shortcut. All in all for my first ride back after surgery it was OK. Not as bad as it could have been, but not as good as I would have hoped for. Tested my legs on the trailer park hill. They're crap. Lungs are pretty bad too. My shoulder gave out about the hour thirty mark. The last thirty I was doing some interesting moves to stay on the bike & finish. Hopefully I can start getting on a semi regular basis & build some base.

Saturday had an all day training session for work. Listening to speakers for 8 hours while wearing a tie can be tiring on a guy. I did say tie. It was mandatory. Company policy is if you have corporate level training you have to look the part. Saturday night went to Rock n Ribs. Drank to much is all I'll say about that.

New job is going well. I head off to work every morning looking all executive like. To add to that now I have a brief case(soft sided) to lug around my company laptop. Our CMS (computerized maintenance system) is web based so I can do part of my job from anywhere with a wireless connection. Once the transition is complete I think my new position will be pretty cool.

I have no new pics of the Mia. I'll try and correct that this week.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Week 1 in the land of night time sleepers

Week one has come and gone with me working days. I have a long road ahead of me to be able to sleep like a normal person though. My body is still on a reverse schedule. Though I'm not complaining, much.

Tuesday & Wednesday I was in Harrison shadowing my counterpart @ Pace. They too have my current employer as a maintenance provider. Sounds like I might be doing quite a bit of plant hopping in the near future for training purposes. Yesterday was a very hectic day since I had to make up for the two missed days by doing 3 days worth of work in one day. Yikes. I have some serious eye strain from staring at the computer.

Its official my toolbox has left the plant & taken up residence in my garage. I got told Thursday without a doubt I was not to work break downs except to perhaps point. That is pretty hard for me since I usually find it easier to just do it myself than try & explain how to do it. I'm going to really have to work on that one.

On the riding front there still is no riding being done. The weather today might motivate me to get on the trainer though. Still can't make myself get back on the road since I have no desire to start getting in shape, then have another forced lay off when this damn plate & screws come out. The good thing is my mobility in my arm is improving almost daily. I can now swing my arms so I might just start running again & get a jump on cross season.

Monday Mia turns 11 months old. Time sure is flying. We're already planning her 1 year birthday party. Sounds like we're going to do a kids party, then that evening have an adults party to celebrate Amber's birthday.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

End of a long run

That's it. Last night was it for me working nights. Monday I start a normal shift. So after almost five years of nights I get to sleep like a normal person.

Mia is pretty happy about it.

I've been getting some help with my typing.
Dinner was extra good last night.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The big news

Thanks to Cale having mystical seeing powers my first part news is out of the bag. Yes I have a day job now. Hopefully Monday after 5 years of nights I'll be moving to days. I've been offered a promotion which gives me a ton more responsibility. Once all the final details are worked out, hopefully by week end. I'll move to days & start training for my position as scheduler/planner. Full on office job so no more working out of my toolbox. Guess I'll bring it home. I'll have less time to turn out custom parts. That'll give me a reason to buy a mini lathe & start my home machine shop.

My second part big news is I'm done with cycling. Instead I'm going to start training for Ninja Warrior. If you haven't seen it your missing out. Greatest show ever! In 17 challenges only 2 people have met the challenge of Ninja Warrior. I'm pretty sure once I rehab my shoulder I can become number 3. This show has become HUGE in Japan. Competitors build replicas of the obstacle courses to train on. I'm going to start building mine & get in shape. Then look out Japan here I come.

Here's a sampling:

Monday, April 02, 2007

13 steps

That's the number of steps in my house. That's also the number of stairs Mia crawled up yesterday. Let me back up a little. Until yesterday Mia had been going to the bottom of the stairs & just looking up. This week she figured out how to stand up at will. Yesterday morning I'm on the couch watching Headline News & Amber went upstairs to check her email. Mia got real quite so I knew she was up to something. I turned around & Mia had crawled up 2 stairs. I installed the stair gate & we then spotted her to see if she could climb them all. Yep climbs like a monkey.

Pics & big news later. No Amber is not pregnant.