Sunday, July 24, 2011

Renault now making F1 airplanes?

Renault cars have gotten a lot of air time this season.  Petrov went airborne in Malaysia.
Then today Heidfeld caught some air in Germany.

Renault hasn't had the season they thought they would.  The car just hasn't been performing.   It sure does fly well though.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My old Back is killing me

Once again my back has decided to remind me its back there.  Pain got bad enough last week that Friday I broke down & went to the chiropractor.  Being a little naive about chiropractic care I thought it would be crack crack & away you go feeling hopefully a little better.   Nope I got a full on exam & x-rays.  A follow up appointment was made for Monday & away I went.

Over the weekend I tried to not doing anything to make my back hurt worse.  Mostly do nothing, use some ice, &  get Amber to massage my lower back some.  Most of this helped & by this AM my back was somewhat feeling "normal" .  Normal for my back is pretty sore mostly with a constant bearable pain being present.  More on this in a bit.

My chiropractor visit started with the Dr. going over my x-rays & saying yes your back is jacked, just not that jacked.  Hopefully with some work it can be better but since I'm getting older & I've put treatment off for so long probably 90-95% is all I can ever expect.  Which right now would seem freaking awesome!

Today the Dr. used  some activator method of manipulation (seems like complete hoakem to me) & some electro stimulation ( from past use this works).  I'm happy this chiro is more PT oriented than manipulation.  After the electro stim they sprayed me with Biofreeze.  I felt better after but I'm thinking this was more electro Stim & Biofreeze (Amber has access to this at work & shes not a big fan).  That said Wednesday when I go back I think I'll skip the Biofreeze to see if there is a difference.

Several hours later & my back isn't killing me.  Maybe this course will get me to where I can not have to be crippled 80% of the time.  The immediate course of treatment is 2x/week for 3 weeks, then 1x/week for an additional 3 weeks.  When I saw this on the sheet my first thought was wow I guess my insurance does cover chiropractic (turns out it does, coincidence?) Regardless I'm going to follow the plan for a change.  After I'm out of the cripplng back pain phase I'm going to get some PT type stuff, core work, flexibility.  All things I know I need.

In fact this spring I half assed core & flexibility & I went awhile with out back pain. Go figure.  Guess its time to quit half assing & do it right.  I'll see how it goes then figure out a "training plan".  For now it looks like little to no running & limited biking.  Bang for buck that means trainer I guess.  With it being a 1000 degree seems best anyway.  Going to put a real crimp in me breaking 17:29 before I'm 40 though.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cross Isn't far off

Do this race!