Wednesday, October 27, 2010

De Cross Gaat Door

New Turkey Trot Course

This should make my quest for 18:xx a little easier.  Though I hate long straight stretches.


I picked this up off my Twitter Feed:

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 2 Circle Fail

30+ mile per hour winds pretty much destroyed me & any hope I had of hitting goal times.  I knew better but I figured time is limited so why not try.  I got a hard workout in that about all I got.  Pretty demoralizing.  The plan was for 3x1200 @ 4:00 with 400m recovery.  Came close first interval.  Little farther off the 2nd.  The third one was a waste of time.  With any luck the wind will die down by Thursday & I can try this workout again.

I've been pretty beat up lately.  Mostly various achilles/calf problems.  Friday I woke up without the ability to move my neck very much.  After some heat pad & Amber working on it I got some mobility.  Went to work where the neck pain moved into my bad shoulder.  Its now Tuesday & still bothering me a little.  Saturday night I also managed to whack myself in the shin.  I feel like I should turn this into an injury report blog about myself.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running around in circles

Its been four years since my last foray into track intervals.  Thanks to #project18 I figured I'd better do some track work or I'd flail mightily.  Especially with the target race less than 6 weeks away.

I packed up my bag, mounted my bike, & rode over to MSU's Plaster field to run some circles. A nice 8 mile ride over, I figured it would be a good warm up.   Oops!  Guess the track is closed in the afternoon till after 5.  SOB!  Turn around & head home to plan B and now 16 miles in my legs.

Luckily the subdivision across from mine has a 400 meter loop(+/- 5 meters) which is good enough for my purposes.  I figured for the first week 10x 400 at or below 1:30 with 400 recovery would be a good start.  Four years ago I stood for my recovery since I wasn't running much & was interested in making the times. Which wouldn't happen if I ran the recoveries.  This year I've been putting in the miles & figured I'd better run the recoveries. Plus the extra mileage might make another attempt at the Sylamore 50K in February a likelihood. 

To sum up: 1) 1:28 (2) 1:28 (3) 1:29 (4) 1:26 (5) 1:26 (6) 1:24 (7) 1:28 (8) 1:28 (9) 1:28 (10) 1:30  Felt the 16 miles of pre riding in my legs on the last one.

All in all not a bad first go around at running speed work. An added bonus was my long run now is 6.5 miles.