Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 2 Circle Fail

30+ mile per hour winds pretty much destroyed me & any hope I had of hitting goal times.  I knew better but I figured time is limited so why not try.  I got a hard workout in that about all I got.  Pretty demoralizing.  The plan was for 3x1200 @ 4:00 with 400m recovery.  Came close first interval.  Little farther off the 2nd.  The third one was a waste of time.  With any luck the wind will die down by Thursday & I can try this workout again.

I've been pretty beat up lately.  Mostly various achilles/calf problems.  Friday I woke up without the ability to move my neck very much.  After some heat pad & Amber working on it I got some mobility.  Went to work where the neck pain moved into my bad shoulder.  Its now Tuesday & still bothering me a little.  Saturday night I also managed to whack myself in the shin.  I feel like I should turn this into an injury report blog about myself.

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