Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Whisperer

Got woken up at 2 today by a very pissed off Alex. He was in full fledge thermo nuclear meltdown. Amber wasn't having any luck getting him to calm down & sleep. I used my patented bounce him while laying on a yoga ball method & he was out in less than 5 minutes. What can I say I'm the baby whisperer. Lol.

Being up very early decided might as well get my run out of the way. Knocked out 6 miles at 7:11 pace w/ avg HR of 142. Not too shabby. Slowly getting to where I want to be.

The Garmin Forerunner 210 is an awesome training tool. Its so nice to run & plug it into the computer & have all my data. Much more useful data than I got from my old Polar HR monitor.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

we're falling apart over here

Seems the whole family is under the weather.

Amber's allergies have been so bad she came down with bronchittis. A round of antibiotics for her.

Mia is working on her second round of antibiotics. She now has a double ear infection & her Dr. mentioned perhaps a 2nd set of tubes. Poor kid.

Alex has a tooth coming in so he's all drool.

My allergies have moved into my chest. I'm hacking up some nice lung biscuits. Its not slowing me down. Actually running seems to help. Can't wait for this to pass.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I haven't forgot about this blog yet....

I'm trying to keep this thing going. Hard to find a few quiet moments anymore to sit down & type out a post. Going to work on that. With no races to blog about I'll have to write about the mundane.

Alex is getting bigger & some what easier to handle. Though I imagine that will change again once he starts cutting teeth. Amber told me this morning she thinks one is pushing through on the bottom. Hopefully teething won't be as bad as his colic but with our luck so far I doubt it. I will say he is taking longer naps & now he's on fruits & veggies he isn't in constant freak out mode. He does have some doozies when he gets tired. Sunday night had to take him outside at Olive Garden so not too risk getting asked to leave.

Saturday we had a small bday party for Mia. Just a couple of kids at the Lighthouse lanes. It was a pretty good time. Turns out I'm WAY better at Wii bowling than the real thing. Amber Greek made Mia an awesome Tangled themed cake which I ate way too much off.

Saturday night Amber & I ditched the kids. Went to Nakatos for dinner then went out for drinks before hitting the Hampton Inn so we could sleep in Sunday morning for a change. My gift to Amber for her birthday.

While having drinks I got to have a few Mother's Towheads from the new brewery in Springfield. Its at the old bakery on College. From what I hear they just brew & bottle there & don't have an actual bar. I do recommend trying it if you can find it. Applebee's on south Glenstone has it on tap.

I ran 8 miles this morning. Longest single run since I ran the 50k a few years back. Im doing a quick build phase before hitting the track.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Ride along in an F1 car filmed by @bsenna on his cell phone! Lots of donuts!!

Osama bin Ladens death

I'm torn in my feelings about bin Laden being killed.  At one spectrum I'm disgusted about the amount of jubilant celebration.  At the other I'm glad he is gone, not to the point I would celebrate death.  Death isn't a reason to celebrate.  Let's be real here a lot of men & women in the last 10 yrs have sacrificed their lives to get to this moment.  That in its self is a heavy burden.  But the bastard did finance a great tragedy on American soil.  This is one of those moments in history I'm really going to have to contemplate.  

There are so many thing s to think about.  My mind races faster than I can type for sure.  Without a doubt Osama's death won't bring on world peace.  I'm not even sure in will get the US out of Afghanistan any faster.  

Plus I'm sure the nut jobs will scream conspiracy since they buried him at sea.  I understand this fully.  It was wise to honor Muslim religious beliefs to not ask for more reprisals.  Plus it doesn't allow a shrine to be erected to him.  

This is definitely a turning point in history.  How we handle it is yet to be seen.  I am happy for all those who lost loved ones in 911 that 10 yrs later they get some closer.

I'm going to have to edit this post as I contemplate more..

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lean Green Running Machine 5K

Saturday was my first 5K of the year.  I went into it as a test race.  I'd trained pretty hard for several days prior & I just wanted an idea of where I was at speed wise.  Pretty good by the looks of it.  19:02 on a hilly course with a strong headwind every time I went downhill or on the flats.  I was pretty sore too, so I'm very happy with a time 2 secs slower than the Turkey Trot in November.  I would call this race harder than Turkey Trot if for no other reason than it has less people & I had to run most of the race by myself.  I ended up 4th overall & 2nd in 31-40 (strange age grouping)

I got a Garmin Forerunner 210.  Its pretty cool, especially the pacing feature.  It kept me from going out too hard & I was able to run descent splits.  Plus it up loads all my data.

Going to have to take it out riding so I can compare watts to GPS.  Now I can get me a Strava account.