Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama bin Ladens death

I'm torn in my feelings about bin Laden being killed.  At one spectrum I'm disgusted about the amount of jubilant celebration.  At the other I'm glad he is gone, not to the point I would celebrate death.  Death isn't a reason to celebrate.  Let's be real here a lot of men & women in the last 10 yrs have sacrificed their lives to get to this moment.  That in its self is a heavy burden.  But the bastard did finance a great tragedy on American soil.  This is one of those moments in history I'm really going to have to contemplate.  

There are so many thing s to think about.  My mind races faster than I can type for sure.  Without a doubt Osama's death won't bring on world peace.  I'm not even sure in will get the US out of Afghanistan any faster.  

Plus I'm sure the nut jobs will scream conspiracy since they buried him at sea.  I understand this fully.  It was wise to honor Muslim religious beliefs to not ask for more reprisals.  Plus it doesn't allow a shrine to be erected to him.  

This is definitely a turning point in history.  How we handle it is yet to be seen.  I am happy for all those who lost loved ones in 911 that 10 yrs later they get some closer.

I'm going to have to edit this post as I contemplate more..

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