Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random internet finds...my old mtb

Found my old mtb for sale on the Webs. It needs a good home you should buy it. It was my Adventure Racing work horse. Logged a lot of night miles on it. Highly modified since I owned it but well cared for & still a good ride.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Bit late I know.

Worked Friday night. Saturday AM rode home & watched F1 quali. Perez from Sauber hit the wall HARD! He's a lucky boy for not being hurt worse.

Loaded up the kids & Amber drove us to mom & dads at the lake. I caught a few z's. Mostly just jacked my neck up. After getting to mom & dads took a nap in the bedroom with no windows. If I ever build a house I'm putting a windowless bedroom in it for sure. Its naptastic!

Saturday night watched I am Number Four with my sister & neices. Not bad for a teen action movie. Guess its based on a series of books?

Sunday got up & watched F1 with dad. Great race made even better by Kobayashi getting 5th. He lost 4th on the last lap to Webber. Guess that's ok since Webber set fast lap after pacing.

After the race the Espenkotter's came over. Went out on the boat for a bit. The lake is higher than I've ever seen it in 30+yrs of going to the lake. After boating had a really good dinner.

Monday hit the lake again. Only out for a few hours and got sunburned. I had on SPF 50 on too! Sun off the water effect I guess.

Poor Alex is sick with colleck(sp?). He has the most pathetic sounding cry. Really makes you feel for the poor kid. My allergies are getting better. Maybe one of these weeks the whole family can be healthy for a week.