Monday, July 27, 2009

Twilight Crit Pics

Photos from the Photo by Petti

Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye phone Hello Storm

I dropped my old cell phone in a machine full of shit today. No shit a machine full of shit. I work in a plant that reman's starters & alternators used primarliy on farm equipment. To clean the core its sent through a washer. The core being from farm implements contains a lot of animal manure. Thus the washer contains a lot of animal after matter which has to be sucked out every few months. Well today was the shit sucking day or as I like to say: " the shitters full." Anyway out of my pocket went the phone & into non working mode it went. I've been telling Amber for months we';d get new phones. The shit just spend up the process. We went from 5 year old cells to Blackberry Storms. Quite the upgrade. Needless to say all my contacts went down the drain. So if you have my phone # in your cell call me so I have your number or shoot me an email with the appropriate info.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been computer less for a week now. Hard drive conveniently lost a few sectors after I got done watching the Tour de New Jersey House Wives last Saturday. Well after some serious FrankenDelling I'm back in a temporary state until I decide to go new or rebuild. Currently running for all intensive purposes 3 computers to get one...Software from one, hard drive from a dead soldier, & drivers from another. I've got my IT connection trying to salvage 2 years worth of PT data from the corrupt drive. Whats fascinating is they think they can do it by loading it onto a Linux computer & pulling files. Another reason I need to learn & switch to Linux! If they pull it off they'll be drinking primo beer for awhile.

Tour de SPR Mafia this wknd. I've managed to overcook my eggs but I'm still locked and loaded for what looks like another rainy Missouri Hotel Crit. This year with team mates in tow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Have I been up to

Lack of posting lately is do to a mad schedule of travel, training, & work. This week alone I put in almost 70 hours at work. With the heat & working all day Saturday I decided not to donate $30 to racing at Sac today. Maybe next year(I've been saying that for the last 3 or 4 years now).

Lets see what else is happening? Big news is a new team. I made the switch during the mid season UCI transfer period to SKC Racing. Its a great opportunity for me to race with some really strong & really classy racers. I'm pretty excited about it. I made my debut @ the Tour of KC part 1. Less than glamorous with a very lack luster performance. Mia got sick & my planned staying in KC turned into a driving marathon. 8 hours of driving for two crits. Sunday I had to throw in the towel & had one of my few DNF's. I did manage to win the first prime though. Not the debut with a new team I wanted to make.

Last week Mia & I made a trip up to KC to get the Volvo serviced & take a trip to the zoo. A great time. Though my shoulders were shredded from carrying her around on my shoulders for almost 4 hours.

This week was work, work, work, & some more work. We rearranged half the plant in 3 days with only two electricians. Crazy! Too much stress & wiring for my taste. Hopefully next week I can skate by with a measly 50 hours instead of 65-70.

Speaking of next week Amber & Mia are off to Texas for 4 days. Amber is visiting an old friend & going to Sea World. I'm bummed about not getting to go but no vacation & the need for money keeps me at home. Plus I get to maybe sleep more than 6 hours a night as Amber tells me.

Today I got up a little late. Watched a little bore fest on the Intraweb. Real snooze fest stage, except for Pellizotti not taking the stage. Went for a quick ride. Ran some errands & hung out with the family. I guess that's about it for now. Off to bed to start another week.

So, I train alone.

So, I train alone. Amen Molly.

"Because I’m convinced I can progress. Is that the secret trap of cycling? You can always get better, get fitter right? I don’t have the raw talent that the PRO riders have. So I have to compensate by training smart. And training a lot..... And then the sacrifices will feel like they are worth it."

That's me except for the train a lot. Less is more is my new mantra. The numbers seem to be agreeing.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I really need to update

Lots to say/talk about but very little time to do it in. I'll try & update ASAP.