Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been computer less for a week now. Hard drive conveniently lost a few sectors after I got done watching the Tour de New Jersey House Wives last Saturday. Well after some serious FrankenDelling I'm back in a temporary state until I decide to go new or rebuild. Currently running for all intensive purposes 3 computers to get one...Software from one, hard drive from a dead soldier, & drivers from another. I've got my IT connection trying to salvage 2 years worth of PT data from the corrupt drive. Whats fascinating is they think they can do it by loading it onto a Linux computer & pulling files. Another reason I need to learn & switch to Linux! If they pull it off they'll be drinking primo beer for awhile.

Tour de SPR Mafia this wknd. I've managed to overcook my eggs but I'm still locked and loaded for what looks like another rainy Missouri Hotel Crit. This year with team mates in tow.

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