Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Have I been up to

Lack of posting lately is do to a mad schedule of travel, training, & work. This week alone I put in almost 70 hours at work. With the heat & working all day Saturday I decided not to donate $30 to racing at Sac today. Maybe next year(I've been saying that for the last 3 or 4 years now).

Lets see what else is happening? Big news is a new team. I made the switch during the mid season UCI transfer period to SKC Racing. Its a great opportunity for me to race with some really strong & really classy racers. I'm pretty excited about it. I made my debut @ the Tour of KC part 1. Less than glamorous with a very lack luster performance. Mia got sick & my planned staying in KC turned into a driving marathon. 8 hours of driving for two crits. Sunday I had to throw in the towel & had one of my few DNF's. I did manage to win the first prime though. Not the debut with a new team I wanted to make.

Last week Mia & I made a trip up to KC to get the Volvo serviced & take a trip to the zoo. A great time. Though my shoulders were shredded from carrying her around on my shoulders for almost 4 hours.

This week was work, work, work, & some more work. We rearranged half the plant in 3 days with only two electricians. Crazy! Too much stress & wiring for my taste. Hopefully next week I can skate by with a measly 50 hours instead of 65-70.

Speaking of next week Amber & Mia are off to Texas for 4 days. Amber is visiting an old friend & going to Sea World. I'm bummed about not getting to go but no vacation & the need for money keeps me at home. Plus I get to maybe sleep more than 6 hours a night as Amber tells me.

Today I got up a little late. Watched a little bore fest on the Intraweb. Real snooze fest stage, except for Pellizotti not taking the stage. Went for a quick ride. Ran some errands & hung out with the family. I guess that's about it for now. Off to bed to start another week.

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