Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 Starcrossed

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Pewter the tofu of colors

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quick run update

Run mileage has been creeping up.  Running 5 miles now avg 7 min miles pretty easily.  Will have to start some pre-speed work workouts soon.  Settled on the Denim Day 5k on 9/25 to open up my #project18 races.

In a bout of insomnia last night I did some intrawebbing of my past 5k races results.  In 2003 I had seven 5k's under 18:20.  Two of those under 18 min(17:47 & 17:29).  Obviously I'm not going to race that much before the Turkey Trot but I like to think Im training harder & smarter this go around.  I'm thinking the sub 19 this go around is going to happen.

Looks like the Dry Sac short track races are supposed to have a CX friendly race Tuesday(if the floods stop).  I might actually show up with a cx bike(sans tubies) to this one.  Depends on how my weekend of work goes and how motivated I am to donate $15.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Running along

Well #project18 is coming along nicely.  First tune up 5k is in a couple of weeks.  Have my weekly mileage into the 20-25 mile range.  I'll hold it steady there till maybe November then hit 30 or 35 to start to taper for the goal race of #project18.

I've moved my mileage up slowly.  Start with 2.5 mile runs then bumped my pace up. Bumped up to 4, then bumped pace up, then up to 5 miles which I'm at now.  I'll hold it at 5 miles till I can hit 5 miles @ 6:45 pace pretty easily.  Should be doable.

Riding is playing second fiddle right now with saddle time being sporadic.  Mostly an occasional spin or commute to work.  I did hit the trainer for an hour yesterday to avoid the monsoon.  Right now & in the immediate future running gives me more bang for my buck.  I can get the same amount of TSS in 30 min running as I can get in an hour & a half on the bike (that is without intervals which I'm in now shape for).  

Since I had a pretty wicked bought of insomnia last night I got out with the sun coming up for a quick 5 miler.  I'm thinking I might get out in a few for an hour of low level power hill repeats on the bike.  Snagging saddle time where I can.  Got to take a nap today since tonight is my first night back at work this week; so might as well make myself tired.

Four on Four off is good & bad for training for sure.  I have been getting some strength work in at work.  The locker room has a perfect pull up bar.   I'm up to 50 in a 12 hour shift.  Not too bad when you factor in I'm doing them with steel toe boots on as well.  I might get back to my previous strength when I was climbing & kayaking all the time. 

Typing more than 140 characters is making my fingers tired.  I've set up a Tumblr account for posts longer than 140 characters & less than a novel that blogging takes.  Yes I know I'm a social media whore.