Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its good I live on top of a hill

Last night the rain across my road was the highest I've seen it in the 6+ years I lived on the west side of town.
 The water across the road flowed into the field.
From the field it was flowing across this section of road onto & covering the greenway trail.  Never seen it do that before.  The road in the first pic was closed for the better part of a year while the county was "fixing" it to stop this flooding.  Guess they should have added another culvert.

I worked two extra days this week & I had to drive to work all 6 days.  Its killing me.  Especially since the last 2 days I didn't even run.  Though yesterday I overslept.  Guess I was pretty beat.  The extra days(nights) do that to you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let it Rain, Let it Rain

Its raining a ton right now.  With predicted totals going as high as 9" by next Friday I'm itching for some whitewater.  Been too long since I've gotten the boats out.  These kind of totals mean Arkansas Creeking!  Hopefully I can get out next week for a quick trip down South.

I used driving to work last night to scope out a new route to work for riding.  I call it my rain route.  I have several ways to go to work but 3 of the 4 involve crossing Wilson's Creek.  Which floods pretty easy.  The rain route takes me right past one of the venues I'd love to hold a cross race at.  Maybe with all this rain I'll be motivated more for cross riding past it so much.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The weather is killing me

Crap like this has made me drive to work for the second day in a row.  I'll ride in rain but I draw the line at riding in severe thunderstorms.  The forecast for the rest of the week isn't looking any better.  Forecast is calling for upwards of 9" of rain in the next week.  I should be in Arkansas boating not at work.

Have managed to get in two quality days of running.  Hopefully I can keep up the good runs going into the duathalon series.  I do need to get in a 5K pretty quick to see where I'm at.  Next weekend I'm planning on hitting one & see if I've been making any progress. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Geeking out

Dual monitors for $10. That makes me happy, Amber not so much but she got a rug I got dual monitors. Priorities.  For added geekiness I took the photo with my Blackberry & sent it via the Bluetooth to my desktop.  Said Desktop now has Bluetooth thanks to a $2 dongle which really makes my inner geek happy.  Not bad for an ancient desktop with basically no modern features.
I've blown off my run the last 3 days & tomorrow isn't looking much better. Sleep hasn't been easy the last 3 days with F1 going on in China. Its impossible to not hear something in 3 days. Been going on internet lock down at 2am rushing home and watching the DVR for practice, quali, & the actual race.

Speaking of the race. WOW! Just WOW! Exciting is an understatement. I accidently saw who won before leaving work but still an amazing race to watch.

In the morning Amber has jury duty. She's all freaked out about being picked & have court for a week. I doubt that happens. When I get home from work got to take Mia to pre-k. Then watch Alex till Amber gets home. No sleep for me since he refuses to nap for more than 30 min. That said I don't see me getting in a run tomorrow unless its late tomorrow night.

Getting Amber a treadmill so it will be easier for both of us to run.

Short week for me 2 days off then back to work for 6. Going to have to force myself to run everyday. The Duathalons are approaching quickly. Need to hit a 5k before.

Saw the summer Waffle races on Facebook today. They align perfectly with my work schedule, the wrong way. If I'm lucky I'll get to race one of them, maybe.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

No Spoilers Please

Right above this post is a link to my Tumblr. Mostly bike related reposts of cool bike pictures. I do scribble quick training notes there as well. Having a Tumblr app on my phone makes it easier to post quick stuff there instead of a full on blog post or a bunch of little posts here.

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Big TV day Paris Roubaix live on the intrawebs then F1 Quali & the race on DVR. That means exiling myself from the intraweb from about 3am tonight till sometime Sunday when I'm all caught up. I like the surprise of watching the racing unfold. No spoilers please.