Saturday, June 30, 2012

500 miles in July Challenge

Seen this several places on the web.  It's a commuter challenge.  But all bike mileage counts(seems like cheating).

Starting July 1st I start a new work schedule :( no more 4 on 4 off.  But no more 12 hr+ shifts either.  I'll be semi normal working 5 8hr shifts; as normal as working 3rd shift can be. 

My point was/is if I ride to work 5 days/week that's 14ish miles a day.  22 days(without OT which there will be) gives me (hold on while I get my calculator out) 308 miles.  500 / 31 = 16.13ish/day.  500 - 308 =  192 miles.Crap this might be harder than I thought.  Ok 31 - 22 =  9 days.  192 / 9 = 21.33ish.  (Maybe all bike mileage isn't cheating).

Anyway I'm giving it a go. Guess I'll need to get my road bike out of moth balls.  Or I could count running miles too...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Cool engine overhaul video

This has been making the rounds.  Very cool.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dropbox Linux bug, hangs while installing at 99%

A few days ago DropBox developed a bug in what seems to be most Linux distros.  I found out the hard way by having it hang at 99% like everyone else.  I was doing a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04 when I got struck.  There is a work around out there, but it looks like DropBox fixed the bug.  Found this link on the DropBox forums a bit ago.  The 64 bit version worked for me, haven't tested the 32 bit yet.

Debian packages adjusted to Dropbox 1.4.9

Seven and change

Got out at 6am to beat the heat.   Amber was out at 5am.  Left her a note to turn coffee pot on for me.
You could tell the high today is going to be a 100+ by amount of traffic on Rutlidge-Wilson Greenway.  More 5 or 6 at 6am is like rush hour in a big city on that trail.  Especially since I could run that trail 6 days in a row and not see 6 people.  High temps are predicted to be stupid high for a long while, guess I should get used to the company.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garmin Ubuntu plugin update

The Garmin plugin I found for Linux Ubuntu 11.10 works with Ubuntu 12.04.  An added benefit is it works with Chrome now where it didn't for me in 11.10.  There is a bug in Garmin connect that doesn't allow you to add notes in calendar while using Firefox.  Plus I'm a Chrome man.

Link to .deb files  scroll to bottom for newest version.

Lily Pad Lake Family Hike, updated

Were back from CO and just starting to go through all the pics.  After I got back from running to Lily Pad and showed everyone my photos they wanted to hike in.  The actual trail is only 1.6 1 way if you take the real trail.  Easy enough for everyone.  I did have to carry Mia on my back for the last mile on the return.  Extra workout bonus.

Were back from CO and just starting to go through all the pics.  After I got back from running to Lily Pad and showed everyone my photos they wanted to hike in.  The actual trail is only 1.6 1 way if you take the real trail.  Easy enough for everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mt. Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, & Bross*

Amber &I hiked 4ish 14'ers yesterday.  4ish because Cameron isn't exactly considered a 14'er since its saddle isn't far enough away from Lincoln.  Also the summit of Bross is closed to the public.  The bypass trail takes you within 200m of the summit so we'll count it.  It was 34 when we started out at 6:30am , 72 when we finished at 12:00.  5:30 hrs round trip.  We even ran the saddle between Lincoln & Bross, mostly to stay warm.  It was windy & freezing.  Other than that it never was really cold.  

Pictures tell more than words so here goes.
 Summit of Democrat. Amber's first real 14'er.  We won't count driving to top of Pikes.

It was a bit cloudy at the start.  Part way up to the saddle between Democrat & Cameron.

 We could have skirted this snow on way to Democrat but what fun would that have been?

 Lincoln from the summit of Cameron
 Coming off Cameron
 Crossing the saddle to Lincoln.
 Closed.  Saw a guy in a truck on the mining road up to Lincoln.  Later on we saw a guy poach Bross' summit.  Not sure if it was a coincidence or not but as soon as he got onto the top two motorcycles hauled ass up the mining road & the guy poaching sprinted off the summit down the trail.  I read a few accounts online that this is the mining company enforcing no trespassing.  Not sure since it looked like the guys on motorcycles were taking pictures, but they were a way off so hard to say.  We decided the bypass trail was good enough for us.
 Bit sketchy descending off Bross
Stairs toward the bottom off Bross.  Don't let the stairs fool you.  I wouldn't do this in reverse & start up Bross.  It would be a bitch to get up.

 Only summit registry we got to sign.  Democrat's was smashed & missing(replaced with a toaster?) Cameron didn't have one, and obviously Bross doesn't either.

Democrat's registry toaster.

 Amber said she had to do a yoga pose on the mountain.  Its a Facebook thing I guess.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6/19/12 Lily Pad Lake

This AM I ran up to Lily Pad Lake.  Was such a senic spot the whole family hiked in via the main trail later in the afternoon.  3.2 out & back hike isn't bad, except when you have to carry a 6 year old on your back most of the return trip, after 7 miles in the AM.

 You can use this for your desktop wall paper if you like.

 Had to bushwhack a bit of the trail to get to this.

 Pretty cool run coming up from the trails out the door of our condo. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Colorado Day 3

Rick and Debbie will be here in a couple hours.  We then have to kill some time before we can check into base camp for the week.
Woke up really sore from my trail run yesterday.  Not sure if I'll do a short trail run or a bike path run.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get the mtb out.
Yeah Vacation!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

6/17/12 Ptarmigan Mtn Trail

6/17/12 Ptarmigan Mtn Trail by therealscottyd at Garmin Connect - Details

Almost 3k Elevation gain.  Used my Father's Day present Fuel Belt.  Only took 2 of the 4 bottles.  If I wasn't an idiot I would have taken all 4 and made the final mile to the 12,500' summit.  Oh well still a hell of a workout, 2 hrs at 150 avg HR is a good day.

 From the overlook
 Failure, my high point
Where I should. have gotten to, to the right of the snow