Saturday, June 30, 2012

500 miles in July Challenge

Seen this several places on the web.  It's a commuter challenge.  But all bike mileage counts(seems like cheating).

Starting July 1st I start a new work schedule :( no more 4 on 4 off.  But no more 12 hr+ shifts either.  I'll be semi normal working 5 8hr shifts; as normal as working 3rd shift can be. 

My point was/is if I ride to work 5 days/week that's 14ish miles a day.  22 days(without OT which there will be) gives me (hold on while I get my calculator out) 308 miles.  500 / 31 = 16.13ish/day.  500 - 308 =  192 miles.Crap this might be harder than I thought.  Ok 31 - 22 =  9 days.  192 / 9 = 21.33ish.  (Maybe all bike mileage isn't cheating).

Anyway I'm giving it a go. Guess I'll need to get my road bike out of moth balls.  Or I could count running miles too...

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