Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cool use for old handlebars

Can't believe I didn't think of this.

How-To: Handlebars Bike Hanger

F1 car split in half

Sauber cuts car in half to explain internals -

Awesome in car F1 video

Possibly the coolest F1 on board video I've seen

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lost and Found Grief Center 5K

Lost & Found Grief Center 5K

Thursday night was my first 5K since Turkey Trot last year.  Been running some descent interval workouts so figured I could run around 18:30 or so.  Ended up being a bit windy & warm which din't help a lot but still finished in 18:33 so close to what I thought.  Ended up 2nd overall first in 40+.  The guy who won was 20 so I got beat by a guy half my age.  Not everyday you can say that.

The race started & finished in Jordan Valley Park.  A pretty cool venue for a race.  Course was fairly flat with one little uphill toward end of first lap & finish.

Elevation Profile
1468 ft.
1384 ft.
1301 ft.
1218 ft.

Because of the downhill start I went out a bit fast running 5:39.  Was running with eventual winner & another guy.  Slowed a little too much second lap running 6:01.  not sure when exactly but lost the leader sometime after 2nd mile, maybe a bit before.  3rd mile was even slower in 6:10 but I blame this on lapped traffic.  Had to weave all over the place to get through.  Had lapped traffic the entire 2nd lap.  People were really strung out.  Not a big fan of lap course because of this reason.  Ran the hill to the finish strong to finish in 18:33.  Not great but I'll take it.