Thursday, May 29, 2008

3rd Anniversery Quiz

5/29/05 the date of my first post. To see how much attention you guys pay here's a quiz on me. I'll post the results & the winner Monday. The winner might even win a prize. Maybe.

1) What's one of my other hobbies? Hint its not drinking.

2) What's my favorite beer & no its never made me puke? Bonus if you know the place I like to drink my favorite beer.

3) How many teams have I raced for in the the time I've been blogging? (careful this is a trick question)

4) How many races have I won in that same time period?

5) How long have Amber & I been married? Bonus if you know how long we've owned our house.

6) Type of car I drive?

7) Type of bike I ride?

8) Where was I born? Bonus what's my current racing age?

9) When was Mia born? Bonus what's her favorite toys name?

10) How many dog's do I have? Bonus if you know there name & sex.

11) Who is the mysterious JP? Bonus if you say he drives a girl car & what show that's from.

12) How many times have I ran the Turkey Trot? How many times have I done it under 19minutes?

13) What's the farthest I've run?

14) What place did my team get at AR Nationals?

15) How many times have I posted? Up till this one.

16) What do I do for a living?

17) What does Amber do for a living?

18) How many bikes do I own?

19) Where did I go to college?

20) What was my one claim to fame as a mountain biker in the 90's?

21) Bonus question: How many surgeries have I had since starting blogging?


Forecast for Tulsa this weekend sucks! Hotter than Hell. Its going to be a sufferfest! Between no racing for 5 months & the heat I'm going to get my butt handed to me. I'll have to pull out my best Ninja moves to hang.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

click, click, click

The Excalibur has been making a clicking noise that has all but drove me out of my mind. If it wasn't for the Inno I would have lost my mind a few weeks ago. I've pulled the pedals, changed the saddle, adjusted bolts, pulled the BB, tightened crank bolts, & just about everything imaginable to get the annoyance gone but all to no avail. Then one day riding home from work a light bulb came on. What if the noise was the seat post flexing inside the frame? So taking some of my own advice I hacked off the excess & crossed my fingers. Guess what? No more annoying click, click!!!

How freaking Pro is this??
Now the Excalibur is sporting a Scottish flag as will all my other bikes.

Tulsa Tough is just around the corner. It was the last race I did before I broke my collarbone. I think its fitting it will be my first road race back; the Joey @ State crit in '06 doesn't count since I was still hurt. It'll also be the first time sporting the Slimen kit. I'll be going into it with a heavy commuting load but having not raced since Nationals its time to feel the burn again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Happy Belated BDay

After a whirlwind weekend I'm still trying to catch my breath. Friday was Mia's second Birthday or as she says: "Happy Birthday you you." Saturday was Amber's Birthday (age left out). Saturday night we went out for dinner on what will be our last night out as a family till Mia is 16. Let's put it this way, I don't recommend going out with a toddler who has hit the terrible two's. Sunday we had a party for the girl's. Lots of Dora the Explorer cake, balloons, & Dora related gifts. Throw in riding to work all week(4x), mowing(twice), a hard Saturday ride, weed eating, power washing the deck, too much sun, & I was ready for bed at about 3:30 Sunday afternoon. I'm still not woke up this AM after a ride to work & half a pot of coffee. I'll post pics tonight as soon as I round them all up. Long week ahead with Memorial Day Weekend. I had planned on racing but it sounds like a trip to the lake will be in order instead. Maybe I'll get in a 6.5 hour ride on Saturday instead.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Week

May 12-16 is Bike/Bus/Walk to Work Week. Sign up if you haven't. I'm my companies sole participant. Though after a little more research carpooling counts so I might get a few more signed up. We're quite away from the SPR so its a haul. For me its about 43 kilometers one way. Makes a nice double training day, except I have to hit the road by 4:30 to make it to work in time to shower & make coffee before my 6:30am start time. Then I work till 5pm & ride home making it about 6:30pm when I get home. Makes for a long day, but hey I'm getting in the kilometers.

I've been doing it now for a couple of weeks. Usually I'll ride 3 days to work. This week I'm shooting for all 5 if the rain holds off. Had a close call last night but managed to stay dry even though the skies got really dark. One plus besides kilometers is gas savings. A conservative estimate is I'm saving about $150/ month in gas. That's almost a new CX bike by CX season. Sweet!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Friday afternoon Amber hit me with some news. That's right we here at Casa De Dunsmuir are expecting another bambino. Should be sometime early January.

We told all our families this weekend & to say they are excited would be an understatement. Of course they all want a boy this time. Me I just want another healthy kid & Amber to make it through without an emergency C-Section this time. Plus a few less trips to Labor & Delivery @ 3 in the morning.

Mia turns 2 on Friday so we are having a big bash for her on Sunday. Her days as an only child are numbered so she had better enjoy them.