Friday, June 30, 2006

Skip's new set up

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Sizzler Part Deux

It was a very exciting night with 17 total participants (that's 7 more than last week). Our next and final race for the series will be July 11th (Tuesday night). Same time and place.

Thanks for coming out make sure you make the last race & if we express enough interest we might get the series continued throught he rest of the summer.

Results as I saw them & I was suffering from a hangover so no bitching.

Conner Estes 9 years old did about 50 laps his fastest a very respectable 1:59, which happened to be on his final try.

B race
1. Jason Hollan
2. Nathan Bailey
3. August Baumgartner
4. Jason Beck
5. Ben Bellhorn

A race(the super stars of tomorrow)
1. Jim I kicked Cales Ass Farasy
2. Bud Hulk Hogan
3.Cale McAnnich(with liberal use of the free lap for the worlds longest flat fix
4.Mike I was just starting to get warmed up, can we race another 100k ? Mertz
5. Peter Van Off the Back this week Rhein
6. Roger The Hammer soon to have tubuilar 404's the bastard! Hinson
7-17. A bunch of other people who I forgot to count their laps.

Prime winners Jim Farasy, Mike Mertz, Cale McAnnich x2 all the proud winners of new Jeep Hummer looking things courtesy of Shane. Be sure to stop by & get them since its always XMAS where he works.

in no particular order:
Jimmy Crack Coker Corn 1:13
Jason Holland (3rd race of the night) 1:16
Greg Espenkotter 1:18
Peter Van Rhein 1:19
Joey I have a hard name to spell Bretagna 1:21
August Baumgartner(3rd race of the night) 1:25

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

For all those of you that are convinced

That I dope like Huff & the rest of the Pro racers, I'm putting up a DNA sample ala Jan Ullrich:

Ullrich to sue newspaper and do DNA test?

Jan Ullrich may be preparing to sue the Spanish newspaper El Pais, which has mentioned his name in relationship to the newest doping scandal. "That puts a lot of pressure on Jan," his manager Wolfgang Strohband told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. "So Jan said to me, 'We have to do something.' And because Jan's denial is so definite, we will follow up. We will go on the offensive against the newspaper, but I still have to speak to our lawyers about it."

Strohband didn't give any further details, but did not deny the possibility of Ullrich giving a DNA sample to compare to the blood bags found with the name "JAN" on them. [There is more than one professional rider with that name - ed.]

The manager admitted that he and Ullrich have not reacted to previous doping rumours. "We always thought, they would just peter out. But this time we just had to do something," he said, noting that "it could be expensive for the Spanish newspaper."

Dr. Werner Franke, a noted German biologist and anti-doping campaigner, said that a DNA comparison could be quick and simple. The red blood cells could not be used, but the white blood cells could be. "With one single, original Jan Ullrich hair, you could make a very quick DNA comparison. That takes maybe two days - und is even quicker than a paternity test." If Ullrich should decide against the test, Franke says, "then he must have a guilty conscience."

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

Friday was my mom's BDay so we loaded up the kid & headed south; to Pontiac that is. Had to go the long way though through Lebanon to pick up my nieces as a surprise for my mom. She was surprised & seemed to enjoy our stay. While I was there I didn't see a single grasshopper, I guess there all over at Espenkotter's. Mom says its her guineas. Cale &Jim inspired me with there tales of go carting so Ashton & I got out this AM & did so driveway reconstructing for my dad.
Ashton showing me how to drive the go cart

Obviously the go cart was custom built to fit me like a glove
Some people have dogs, other's cats, my mom alien chickens

Friday, June 23, 2006


My mom on her 3 computers(2 @ home, 1 @ work) is having problems viewing my blog. Is anyone else experiencing problems with it? Besides its contents. She has to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the links. Any one else? On my 2 computers it works fine. I think its her display settings but before I go to screwing with my HTML I want to verify. Thanks.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The first in hopefully many too come

Tonight saw the first Summer Sizzler OCC Practice crit @ the Ducks Stadium in Ozark. The turnout wasn't huge, about 15, but every participant was greatly appreciated. Each one can hopefully say they were @ the first one. Next Wednesday no one but me has a legitimate excuse not to race(Shane I know you have Wednesdays off), I even heard a rumor next week TIAA-CREFF may be represented. Most of the local teams were represented. OCC of course, BMC North, Mercy, Drury University had a few, there was a noticeable absence. We managed to pass the hat enough to even scratch up a few incentive primes. The more participants we can get the more primes we can offer to make the racing interesting. We allowed all the free laps you wanted & if you got dropped we encouraged course cutting to get back in. The corners are all sweepres so you really don't even need handling skills. On to the results:
Let's get ready to rumble
The B Race winner
The B race:
1. In his first EVER Race Jason Beck(15y/o) OCC
2. John "Can I borrow your helmet" Williford Drury Cycling (DU Cycling they can thank Emory for that one)
3. Navin "Big Ring" Raju Drury Cycling (DU Cycling)If I had only known it was state champ jersey night I would have worn mine

Womens Race
1. Two wins in a row Melissa Cox Mercy Cycling
1. Roger "the Hammer" Hinson
Norton Course designer, head corner sweeper, chief official

A Race
1. Cale McAnnich BMC North
2. Jim Farasy BMC North (Notice a pattern?)
3. Peter Van Off The Front OCC
4. Curt"Sprint coming , What?" Evenson
5. Skippy Greenways
6. Jimbo "Asphalt" Coker (who gets a big thank you hug)

Prime winners
Cale $1
Cale $1.41 (who donated all primes back to the race)
OCC Only Prime Peter
Euskaltel? Come on Skip even I bought a TIAA-CREFF Hat when Brad turned proCome on where is every one? The course is safe & fun come on out you slackers.
What the heck is this thing?

I have a video of the sprint for the A race which I'll try & get posted tomorrow.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

A happy Father's Day to My Dad & from Amber to her Dad. To Shane & the rest of the Dad's that read my blog A Happy Father's Day as well.

Me & my Dad Brian. This was back in the Mansfield days.
Amber & her Dad Rick.
My Dad raced as well, though things with motors; Motorcycles & Bangers he's #30. This pic was from when he had less belly fat in England.

Yesterday Amber, Mia, & I went to Camdenton to watch my nieces All-Star Softball game. Had a pleasent surprise & got to see one team of RAAM racers roll through a check point. Team Dream for Kids.

For some reason my nieces we're put on seperate All Star teams though they play on the same regular season team. This is Nina hitting with Ashton catching.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Look what came in the mail today!

36 days till State TT. Have to date since breaking my collar bone 4.5 hrs in on the windtrainer. That's 4 straight days. Got a little motivation in the mail today. A matched set of FSA TT Chainrings. 54/44.
Mia's not as excited about the rings as her daddy is.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Monumental steps in the healing process

I took 4 huge steps forward in my road to recovery yesterday.

1) I managed to get a t-shirt on. Been wearing button downs for dressing ease. Not sure how I'm going to get said t-shirt off though. Maybe scissors?

2) Took the sling off for over 8 hrs! I hate that damn thing. Arm did get sore toward end of day & back on it went. Baby steps.

3) No sling means I was able to get behind the wheel & drive for the first time in over a week. Actually not that big a deal since I hate driving, but since I can't ride I need some form of unchauffeured means of transportation. Had been considering the OATS bus.

4) Rode the wind trainer for another hour ten(2:20 this week!) & managed to stay awake long enough to consume 4 Bass ales. The largest quantity of alcohol I've consumed since my self imposed wagon ride.

I'm sure you've noticed an increase in my blogging lately. I figure everyone needs to share in my boredom. Misery loves company. Plus I have to carry the weight for Skip, Jim, & Cale who are busy riding which is what I wish I could be doing. The sub 56 TT is looking in jeopardy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy BDay Mia!!!

Mia turned one month old yesterday. Can't believe its been a month already. We took her yesterday to get her pictures taken to celebrate the occasion. That's a job I wouldn't want. Try to keep a baby happy & take pictures of her. How the photographer doesn't go postal is beyond me. They have kids screaming & crying all day long. An unsung job for sure. But somehow they keep all their hair in & mange to get some good photos.Yesterday also saw the return of my ass on a saddle. 1 hour & 10 minutes of pure spinning bliss. Its a start. Hopefully this week I can get on the trainer everyday & start building up some stamina. My plan is to work up to an hour twice a day till I can get back out on the open roads.
Check out the bruise on my left shoulder gets bigger & yellower every day.

Amber says my back muscles look all jacked up now since one side is trying to over compensate. She's right because I've been having some crazy pain in my right side shoulder muscles. So after some plotting I figured out how I could lay on her massage table. Just 20 short minutes later I felt like a new man. Which reminds me. Amber has gone to work for a local Spa as a contract massage therapist. So if you need a massage call Alaina's Relaxation Therapy(ART) & schedule an appointment or get a hold of Amber direct & she'll hook you up. If interested just shoot me an email & I'll give you some contact info for her.
After a long day I kicked back with a cold Belhaven & relaxed.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The perimeter is secure

Steve McQueen the baddest of all Bad in the Great Escape

I finally have had enough of the dogs plotting their version of the Great Escape. The tunneling was put to an end by a trip to Race Brothers to purchase an electric fence. Now before all you PETA members start emailing me I removed the capacitor so now it only puts out the slightest of voltage. I figure a few days of Lucky & Lacy getting a buzz & I'll be able to unplug the fence & just leave it up for them as a subtle reminder their is no escape from Stalag Dunsmuir.

They act all innocent when your watching.

When your not though they are working on Tom, Dick, & Harry. This is Harry.
Amber & Top working on the perimeter
Lucky working on Tom.

Control Central.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

This week's thank you's

Since I'm now technically handicapped a lot of people have been stepping up to help out. So not to forget I'll try & thank everyone on the spot & on a weekly basis. This past week basically has sucked. Lots of pain & boredom. But I'm healing quickly, most of my road rash & bruises are gone. This weekend hurt not going to State RR since I was on form & the course was a good one for me. But as Amber keeps telling me I always have next season. Believe me I'm already plotting & scheming. On to the thanks:

Amber for putting up with me & being my personal nurse. But most of all putting up with me since as she keeps telling me I have that caged animal look in my eyes.
My mom Linda she came & stayed a few days & was a HUGE help. With Amber not being at full force & a 3 week old baby I'm not sure she could have handled me without my mom's help.

My father-in-law Rick aka Top for coming over & mowing my yard which had gotten out of control.

Danielle my sister-in-law for sitting with Mia while I was @ the ER.

Dammit Debbie for coming over & cleaning our house even though she wasn't asked.

ICC for hauling my bike to Sunshine to figure out the damage & somehow getting them to put it on the priority list.

Shane for getting me out of the house with Cardinals tickets. Mucho, Mucho apriaciado. Top went with & caught a slingshot shirt. Good game & great seats. Thanks again Shane.To my brother in law Eric & my nieces Nina & Ashton for the Bicycle Air Bag, smart asses!
To all those that called & emailed thanks for your thoughts.

Too those who went to State this weekend & won jerseys to keep OCC alive, I've felt a little lonely this season.
Mia wanted everyone to see her Duckies

Friday, June 09, 2006

Being on the mend is boring

The Felt faired a lot better than I did. Sunshine actually put it @ the head of the list for me.

Yesterday was a long day of Dr. visits. Started with my primary care Dr. She was pissed @ the service I got in the ER. She had to do some more wound cleaning. She also tracked down the Ortho specialist & got me in to see him immediately. He said I had a separated shoulder & a broken clavicle. He also said some gibberish about staying off the bike for 6-8 weeks. I think he was talking to Amber, because there is no way I'm staying off it that long. Good news is I can go back to work in a few weeks so don't have to worry about going broke.

My mom has been a huge help coming up & helping out with me & Mia. More Mia than me. I'm a pretty independent person & like to do things on my own. Its pretty hard for me to ask for help. I'm doing as much as I can but somethings are impossible with one hand. Amber has been very patient with me waiting until I give up to come & help. I will say being one handed & stuck @ the mercy of people driving me is getting boring already. In 2 days I've already watched more tv than I would normally watch in a month. Caught up on all the TLC & Discovery Channel shows I like to watch. I guess movies are next. Anyone have the CSC video they'd like to loan me?

Something pretty to look @ before carnage pics. Amber went red again. I likey!
This is a bruise! its located on my hip
My ankle to a big hit on the ground, still really swollen.
I think the worst part is the sling has to go over the top of all this road rash.

You can see my collarbone sticking up, the Dr. says thats permanent.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It Had To Happen Sometime

Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm fine. Last night I hit a dog while riding. Went over the bars around 23mph hitiing my head & breaking my left collarbone. Heads fine though, harder than my helmet. If you need a reason to wear a helmet I'll let you see mine! I have a 1cm displacement right @ the end of my collarbone. Dogs(2) , one bit me 3x after crashing, are being put to sleep this AM. Bike is trashed & of course I had my Kysrium's on, the first time I've trained on them this year.