Thursday, May 29, 2008

3rd Anniversery Quiz

5/29/05 the date of my first post. To see how much attention you guys pay here's a quiz on me. I'll post the results & the winner Monday. The winner might even win a prize. Maybe.

1) What's one of my other hobbies? Hint its not drinking.

2) What's my favorite beer & no its never made me puke? Bonus if you know the place I like to drink my favorite beer.

3) How many teams have I raced for in the the time I've been blogging? (careful this is a trick question)

4) How many races have I won in that same time period?

5) How long have Amber & I been married? Bonus if you know how long we've owned our house.

6) Type of car I drive?

7) Type of bike I ride?

8) Where was I born? Bonus what's my current racing age?

9) When was Mia born? Bonus what's her favorite toys name?

10) How many dog's do I have? Bonus if you know there name & sex.

11) Who is the mysterious JP? Bonus if you say he drives a girl car & what show that's from.

12) How many times have I ran the Turkey Trot? How many times have I done it under 19minutes?

13) What's the farthest I've run?

14) What place did my team get at AR Nationals?

15) How many times have I posted? Up till this one.

16) What do I do for a living?

17) What does Amber do for a living?

18) How many bikes do I own?

19) Where did I go to college?

20) What was my one claim to fame as a mountain biker in the 90's?

21) Bonus question: How many surgeries have I had since starting blogging?


  1. 1. Boating
    2. Bellhaven, Patton Alley
    3. 5 (AR too!)
    4. 4
    5. 3/3
    6. Volvo
    7. Ridley
    8. England 38
    9. June 05
    10. 2
    11. ?
    12. 9/6
    13. 54 miles
    14. 2nd
    15. 127
    16. Make shit with cool tools.
    17. Rubs people
    18. 5
    19. Somewhere in CO.
    20. You won some race???
    21. 3

  2. Jim that's very impressive :)

  3. Holy shit Farasy that is impressive! A lot right but quite a few wrong so the win is still up for grabs.

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    1. Boating
    2. Bellhaven, Patton Alley
    3. 4 not counting AR
    4. You won a race!!! How about 4
    5. Oct 15th 2005, 3 years I am pretty sure on the house since I helped move you in a little
    6. Volvo wagon XC
    7. Which one? Road - ridley, Cross - ridley, TT - internet junk, MTN - again which one?
    8. Enlgand, 36
    9. Well since she just turned 2 May 16th and Ambers is 17th, BoBo #1 and #2
    10. 2 Lucky - male, Lucy - female
    11. Your secret gay lover?
    12. 6 times ran, 4 under 19 min
    13. 50K
    14. 4th
    15. not enough sometimes 130
    16. Millright sp? Maintenance
    17. I like Jim's answer! Rubs people
    18. 5
    19. Western Colorado State Gunnison a big W on the mountain side
    20. You had a claim to fame! Won some race in Durango, and also wrote a lot of letters to sponsors to get free stuff every year.
    21. 2
    Greg P

  5. Being my game I'm going to deduct 50 points from Greg for calling my TT bike internet junk. He's just jealous because its fast.

  6. Anonymous10:31 PM

    shouldn't Jim be getting ready for the baby?

  7. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Are Jim's days as a professional biker numbered? Will he have time to do these mindless, self-indulgent Dunsmuir trivia quizzes in the days to come?

  8. Anonymous if you don't want to read it don't. Go back to jerking to your internet porn & quit living vicariously through my life. Grow a set & put your name to your comments. Fucking idiot.

  9. I bet anonymous is Shane he seems to have a lot of negative things to say about anyone being happy and especially Jim expecting this baby.

  10. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Hey, what happened at Tulsa Tough?


  11. Scotty,
    I think you have a stalker by the name of Jim! Congrats on a good run at Tulsa Tough.


  12. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Jim doesn't have time to stalk anyone. What's he got like one week of freedom left?