Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tulsa Tough

Did ok about as I expected. 21st on Friday night(one place out of the cash) after starting on the back off the field of 104. A very fast figure 8 course. Missed being caught up in a few crashes. Having cx skills helps out a ton in tight crits. Didn't feel bad & never really had to dig too deep, just sat in & got some moto pacing in. I really was more interested in the act of racing than the results since I haven't raced in 5.5 months. Now the rust is starting to come off & its time to build the speed for state TT.

Saturday was hot & fast. I did OK got 27th out of a field of 95. Was near the front most of the race just hanging out. about 15-20 min to go starting overheating a little since this was my first exposure of the year to 90+ heat. Recovered some after having to avoid several crashes. Everybody thinks they have a chance of winning big crits. They can't except that someone has to finish in the pack & its more than likely going to be them. Hell the 3's field is stacked with with lifer 3's & they come out of the wood work for the amount of cash on hand @ Tulsa. Anyway a fun race besides a few idiots who need to learn to corner(cat 4 wanne be's). Had to actually hop a curb after having some idiot dive in on me in a turn.

Sunday's race was canceled due to SEVERE weather. I think in 20 years its the first race I've ever had called off due to weather. I've had them cut short but never completely called off the day off. The weather was pretty horrible & Riverside Drive did look like it had been hit by a tornado.

This weekend its Dave Mathews on Saturday & Winghaven Crit on Sunday; A twofer. With gas like it is you have to multi task trips. Next Sunday I'm heading down to Arkansas for their state TT. I need to get in some time on the internet junk before State if I'm going to break 56 this year.

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Nice job! Open the legs up before State TT. And it isn't the internet junk that is fast, I think it is the motor! How is that for sucking up? Hey, not everyone can go 1,2 in the Arkansas State TT! Bring home another medal, oh wait, they wouldn't give us one.