Thursday, June 05, 2008

Riverside Storm & MTB Spec'ing

Steve Tilford has some pics on his blog of the storm that canceled Sunday's race. Read the blog entry about Toyota United. I'm not pointing fingers but doesn't Tilford's guys usually take all the prize money @ races? Though not to the extent Toyota Untied did. They did pretty much ruin the race from what I heard.

My mtb fork finally showed up so its time to build her up & start hitting the dirt! I guess they had production problems & didn't ship them till this week. 1.27kg claimed weight will be nice compared to my old lead rod I was hauling around. I have Hayes Stoker Carbon's to stop me. This is my first go around with disc brakes so it could be interesting. The rotors are attached to Sun Ringle hoops.
The brake levers will be attached to Answer Hyperlite Carbon bar & ATAC XC lite stem.
I'm guessing when all is said and done my mtb will be around 9 kilos give or take.

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