Wednesday, May 21, 2008

click, click, click

The Excalibur has been making a clicking noise that has all but drove me out of my mind. If it wasn't for the Inno I would have lost my mind a few weeks ago. I've pulled the pedals, changed the saddle, adjusted bolts, pulled the BB, tightened crank bolts, & just about everything imaginable to get the annoyance gone but all to no avail. Then one day riding home from work a light bulb came on. What if the noise was the seat post flexing inside the frame? So taking some of my own advice I hacked off the excess & crossed my fingers. Guess what? No more annoying click, click!!!

How freaking Pro is this??
Now the Excalibur is sporting a Scottish flag as will all my other bikes.

Tulsa Tough is just around the corner. It was the last race I did before I broke my collarbone. I think its fitting it will be my first road race back; the Joey @ State crit in '06 doesn't count since I was still hurt. It'll also be the first time sporting the Slimen kit. I'll be going into it with a heavy commuting load but having not raced since Nationals its time to feel the burn again.


  1. Great Scot! I thought you were English!
    I have a bit of pipe on my itunes. I find it useful during long tempo rides. Do you like Medieval battle music?
    Powerful stuff And their outfits are too sharp!

  2. Nice stickers. Don't those go on the side of the tube? You already know who you are and you are the only one who can see that sticker.

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