Friday, June 22, 2012

Mt. Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, & Bross*

Amber &I hiked 4ish 14'ers yesterday.  4ish because Cameron isn't exactly considered a 14'er since its saddle isn't far enough away from Lincoln.  Also the summit of Bross is closed to the public.  The bypass trail takes you within 200m of the summit so we'll count it.  It was 34 when we started out at 6:30am , 72 when we finished at 12:00.  5:30 hrs round trip.  We even ran the saddle between Lincoln & Bross, mostly to stay warm.  It was windy & freezing.  Other than that it never was really cold.  

Pictures tell more than words so here goes.
 Summit of Democrat. Amber's first real 14'er.  We won't count driving to top of Pikes.

It was a bit cloudy at the start.  Part way up to the saddle between Democrat & Cameron.

 We could have skirted this snow on way to Democrat but what fun would that have been?

 Lincoln from the summit of Cameron
 Coming off Cameron
 Crossing the saddle to Lincoln.
 Closed.  Saw a guy in a truck on the mining road up to Lincoln.  Later on we saw a guy poach Bross' summit.  Not sure if it was a coincidence or not but as soon as he got onto the top two motorcycles hauled ass up the mining road & the guy poaching sprinted off the summit down the trail.  I read a few accounts online that this is the mining company enforcing no trespassing.  Not sure since it looked like the guys on motorcycles were taking pictures, but they were a way off so hard to say.  We decided the bypass trail was good enough for us.
 Bit sketchy descending off Bross
Stairs toward the bottom off Bross.  Don't let the stairs fool you.  I wouldn't do this in reverse & start up Bross.  It would be a bitch to get up.

 Only summit registry we got to sign.  Democrat's was smashed & missing(replaced with a toaster?) Cameron didn't have one, and obviously Bross doesn't either.

Democrat's registry toaster.

 Amber said she had to do a yoga pose on the mountain.  Its a Facebook thing I guess.

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