Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quick run update

Run mileage has been creeping up.  Running 5 miles now avg 7 min miles pretty easily.  Will have to start some pre-speed work workouts soon.  Settled on the Denim Day 5k on 9/25 to open up my #project18 races.

In a bout of insomnia last night I did some intrawebbing of my past 5k races results.  In 2003 I had seven 5k's under 18:20.  Two of those under 18 min(17:47 & 17:29).  Obviously I'm not going to race that much before the Turkey Trot but I like to think Im training harder & smarter this go around.  I'm thinking the sub 19 this go around is going to happen.

Looks like the Dry Sac short track races are supposed to have a CX friendly race Tuesday(if the floods stop).  I might actually show up with a cx bike(sans tubies) to this one.  Depends on how my weekend of work goes and how motivated I am to donate $15.

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