Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye phone Hello Storm

I dropped my old cell phone in a machine full of shit today. No shit a machine full of shit. I work in a plant that reman's starters & alternators used primarliy on farm equipment. To clean the core its sent through a washer. The core being from farm implements contains a lot of animal manure. Thus the washer contains a lot of animal after matter which has to be sucked out every few months. Well today was the shit sucking day or as I like to say: " the shitters full." Anyway out of my pocket went the phone & into non working mode it went. I've been telling Amber for months we';d get new phones. The shit just spend up the process. We went from 5 year old cells to Blackberry Storms. Quite the upgrade. Needless to say all my contacts went down the drain. So if you have my phone # in your cell call me so I have your number or shoot me an email with the appropriate info.

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