Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running around in circles

Its been four years since my last foray into track intervals.  Thanks to #project18 I figured I'd better do some track work or I'd flail mightily.  Especially with the target race less than 6 weeks away.

I packed up my bag, mounted my bike, & rode over to MSU's Plaster field to run some circles. A nice 8 mile ride over, I figured it would be a good warm up.   Oops!  Guess the track is closed in the afternoon till after 5.  SOB!  Turn around & head home to plan B and now 16 miles in my legs.

Luckily the subdivision across from mine has a 400 meter loop(+/- 5 meters) which is good enough for my purposes.  I figured for the first week 10x 400 at or below 1:30 with 400 recovery would be a good start.  Four years ago I stood for my recovery since I wasn't running much & was interested in making the times. Which wouldn't happen if I ran the recoveries.  This year I've been putting in the miles & figured I'd better run the recoveries. Plus the extra mileage might make another attempt at the Sylamore 50K in February a likelihood. 

To sum up: 1) 1:28 (2) 1:28 (3) 1:29 (4) 1:26 (5) 1:26 (6) 1:24 (7) 1:28 (8) 1:28 (9) 1:28 (10) 1:30  Felt the 16 miles of pre riding in my legs on the last one.

All in all not a bad first go around at running speed work. An added bonus was my long run now is 6.5 miles.

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