Saturday, July 21, 2012

8 hour shifts are messing with me

I've worked 10-12 hour shifts most of my adult working career.  I did an odd year or so on 8's but those were day shift 8's. 

I just can't get in a groove.  Doesn't help that 3 weeks in and I'm working extra days already.  This will be a minimum 12 day stretch. 

I'm sleeping pretty good, just at the wrong times.  Today I slept 10+ hrs.  Amber woke me up 10 min before I usually leave for work.  She'd been at her parents & didn't know I was still out cold.  Guess my phone crashed so no alarm.  Technology. 

I need to get in a schedule.  It's near impossible but I gotta do it.  Mostly so I can see my family.  Plus I can get stuff done around the house.

My luck I'll get in a good groove & I'll get switched back to my old work schedule.  Which I wouldn't complain about.  A whole lot less OT & I know my work schedule years in advance out side of a few coverage OT days.  The current schedule I don't know till Wednesday night if I have to work on the weekend.  Makes pre registering for a race a waste of time.

I guess I need to force myself to workout in the AM my PM.  I've never been a workout after work guy.  Mostly because of the 12 hour shifts.  Time to convert to how most "normal" people get it done.

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