Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another reason never to drive to work ever again

Super tired & its stupid hot so I decided to drive to work.  About 100 meters from where the greenways pops out onto fr150 (my normal ride to work) I hit a damn cow.  By time I made contact I was almost stopped in the left lane.  It ran toward me. Stupid cow no wonder they get ate. 

Car not too bad. Will need new passenger side headlight & front quarter panel.  Hopefully the two farmers quit arguing about who owns the cow & takes responsibility.  I'll find out in am I guess.  A quick online search headlight $185 , unpainted quarter panel $385.  Crap.

100f at midnight at work.  100+ for next 10 days, all of which I have to work. Crap.

Didn't run tonight because I fell asleep on the couch after I woke up to run.  Guess ill have to start running in am or on treadmill till it cools a bit.

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