Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday "long" run

I've gotten away from runs longer than 10 miles in the last couple of months.  Figure I should get back to weekly "long" runs.  Let's face it, runs aren't really long till you hit the 20+ mile mark.  Going to build up slowly & hopefully get to were a 25+ mile run doesn't wreck me.

Today got in a solid 12.  Saw a very skinny fox running down the road in the industrial park near my house.  Quite a few people on the Frisco trail.Including an old man riding his bike, holding a soft sided cooler, with his helmet dangling from his handlebars. Just shook my head at him. 

On the way back it was getting warm so I stopped & dunked my head in the fountain of one of the local limo factories.  Very refreshing though I've had water in my ear ever since.
Last mile wasn't so great as both my hamstrings tightened up on me. 

Spent the afternoon napping.  4 hrs to be exact.  Don't feel guilty since I have to work tonight.

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