Friday, July 13, 2012

Hills & wild dreams

My vacation in Colorado showed me one thing.  I don't run enough hills.

There is a 5k that's starts from Mia's school with the motto I survived the hill.  Last year it was my downfall in the race.  This year I'm taking a new approach. 

I made the hill into a Strava segment(ran it 11x since 7/2).  Hopefully by October come race time I'll have covered the .2 mile segment a few hundred times.  Surely running it so much will have added benifits like making me better at running hills fast.

Last year the race was won in 18:05.  I was 3rd in 19:33(had almost 2 months off prior thanks to my back).  I figure to win it 17:30 this year.  Pretty quick for a race that goes up the whole 2nd half.  If I can run 17:30(a min faster than I've run this year& on a flat course) by mid October surely I can run sub 17 at Turkey Trot.  Probably not but I can dream lol.

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