Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Road Kill

After a busy Monday of driving home, a Fat 4 hour nap, a nice run with Amber while she rollerbladed(turns out blading burns more calories than running), a very good BBQ @ the Pettus'(Petti?), & a night from hell @ work. Tues AM called for a relaxing few beers while watching the Tour Team Time Trial. A great race & I really felt sorry for poor David Z. Sucks to loose the jersey like that. 500 meters more & he would have had the same finish time & he would have been tied for the Yellow.

I decided to bag what has become my ritual of riding to & from the Tues night World's & go for an easy spin. I was just spinning along enjoying the new pavement the county has so nicely supplied me when.... BAM! A rabbit shoots out & I run it over! One dead bunny brings my Weekly total to 1 dead rabbit & 1 dead squirrel(from Sundays ride). I guess the stars have aligned & animals have decide to run into or under the Felt's front wheel. I wish I could say this was a first but its not. A few years back in the course of a week I ran over the tails of 2 squirrels. One on my MTB & one on the Beast. I'm hoping the size of the animals is not increasing that I'm hitting because eventually I foresee a deer. Funny enough(not for the poor guy) in a mtb race I saw a guy ride into an elk. The elk walked off & the guy got a trip in an ambulance plus had to replace his bike.

Living in a "target rich environment" I'm getting a little worried. Every night I drive to work I see several dead animals. If this is the case my odds of more bicycle road kill increases greatly. I wonder if I need to get a hunting license? I'll have to inquire with my brother-in-law the Conservation Agent.


  1. ICC@work11:19 AM

    Maybe we should be more careful on the Greenway Trails in the future, you might run into something bigger than an elk?!

  2. When is your next RR? I am longing for another race report involving some savy veteran trick of the peloton. The "move" needs some comapany on your list of palmares.

    I hope I am home in time to run the cross country race in Arkansas with you, maybe we should invite Huff since he loves running so much.

  3. Hope you can make it. My last RR was a wash. Should not go without racing for a month.