Thursday, July 21, 2005

Out East on Vacation


I guess Springfield is a little farther ahead than I thought. Every where we’ve been so far people look @ you like your speaking a foreign language if you ask about WIFI. I even asked one lady who was holding a laptop & got the 10 mile stare. I then had to explain to her what that little red square on the side of her computer was. I suppose I’m spoiled by having access to the internet all over town. Not so in the East, so far.<>Tuesday Amber & I slept in a little & leisurely got around to start our drive in a generally Easterly direction. We had decided to stop in St. Louis for a few hours @ Six Flags. We managed to ride all the coasters in less than 4 hours. My personal favorites being Batman & the Boss. On Batman we actually got to ride right on the front (a first on a roller coaster for me). The Boss is cool because it’s an old school wooden roller coaster with lots of speed, twists, & turns.

With no real time schedule we decided to go tour the Arch, something neither of us had ever done. We decided the ride up to the top counted as another coaster ride to put us @ 7 for the day. We did all the silly tourist stuff taking funny pics in the museum & from the top. Will post a few later when I get a chance.<>I’m typing this up in the internet less hotel room awaiting the real reason behind our trip the Dave Mathews show. Amber is starting to get pretty excited; this will be her 4th Dave show & my 2nd.<>

<>Got to the room just in time to watch my man Sallovdelli win a Tour stage! I said he was one to watch. More later.


<>Let me say the Dave Show last night was the best live show I've ever scene. DMB was on fire. They jammed for over 2+ hrs then came out for 2 encore songs. here's the set list for you audiophiles:

Wednesday Jul 20 2005
Starwood Amphitheatre

American Baby Intro

Dream Girl


You Never Know

Time Of The Season

Hunger For The Great Light

Jimi Thing

Steady As We Go

American Baby


You Might Die Trying

Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd


Stand Up
Louisiana Bayou

Old Dirt Hill

What You Are

Show Notes:
* Robert Randolph

indicates a segue into next song

The show started with Free parking! Yes Free Parking! I'll definetly go back to shows in Nashville. The parking is in a big grass field. It rained before hand so it was muddy. Needless to say the car got a little dirty. I'll post pics later.

We slept in a little got up watched a little of the Tour & loaded the muddy sub up. Off we headed for the Ocoee River to Whitewater rafting. Amber had never been on the Ocoee since its a little more advanced than her current boating abilities. I had some doubts going into the trip since I've boated the Ocoee so much. It surprised me & was extremely fun. We had a first year guide who was very talkative & entertaining. She only got us stuck on some small rocks once. Amber was grinning ear to ear the whole time.

After boating we stopped for a very nice dinner & headed on to the Nantahalia River for the site of tomorrows fun. Amber is going to suit up & get back in the kayak for hopefully a more entertaining time for her than her last trip. She ended up with a few swims & some nice bumps & bruises. We had planned on camping but our favorite campsite has been turned into a river front development. Damn money hungry people. So after a short sidetrip we decided on grabbing a hotel with wireless & a pool, & a nice hot shower.


  1. GregP7:13 PM

    Well, sounds like so far so good. Nice vacation. Things here are extremely hot! See you when you get back. I have some severe bike geekdom for you when you get back. :)

  2. Glad to hear you guys are having fun. Those wooden coasters are pretty sketchy!

    If I see Ivan this weekend I will tell him you say hello.

    Enjoy your vacation!