Monday, July 18, 2005

White Line Fever

State TT finally got here. I've been waiting for the hour of pain it would dish out for awhile now. Not a great day but a good day . Plus it kicked of my vacation nicely. ICC's Dad is probably one of the greatest hosts I've ever had. That man is great, full fridge(with good beer), & he slept on the floor so we would have comfy bed's. No that is going all out in my book!

ICC & Cale got all geeked out & I was a little nervous that they were subtracting precious seconds before even getting in the cluster F called registration (those aero helmets are scary fast). Imagine 100+ people all trying to register first, ready, set, get in line! I used my weasel skills to get toward the front of the line & guarantee a "cool" start time(remember its July in Missouri & its always HOT). So after a little discussion about helping Super G by stealing some MOBAR points, we all bucked up & registered as 3's instead of Old Men.

I think ICC pulled a fast one on me telling me the race didn't start till 10 & we could go back to his Dad's & chill drink some java & eat some breakfast. Turns out the start was @ 8 & my start time was 8:16. By the time I got registered it was 7:15, oops. A made dash to get the bikes. Dressed & on the bike with 15 mi to spare. Plenty of warm up for a guy who doesn't like to warm up too much. My old school thinking believing it just wears you out. I think I'm going to change my belief on this one for TT's though. It took me 10k of struggling badly to get my rhythm.

I rolled to the line with 2 min to spare after my truncated warmup. Just enough time to wish Cale luck & yell for him as he pushed of in a huge gear. A deep breath & off I go. Like I said struggle is putting it nicely for the first 10k. I couldn't get a gear to roll. Finally I found my rhythm & started riding on the smoothest part of the road, the white line. Clipping along @ 27-28mph I should have realized I had a full blown tailwind. Somehow I convinced myself it was a cross & I'd be good for the return. Nope. At the turn I snuck up on Cale & nipped him just after. Unfortunately the eventual winner of the 3's also caught me for 2 min @ the turn,WOW! The return for a lack of a better word sucked. Headwind. I struggled a long @ 21-23 mph Mostly @ 21 mph. With 8k left I found some reserves & kicked it up to about 26 mph to really struggle to the finish.

The $400 min was actually 58 seconds. 58:35 not what I wanted but good enough for 3rd in 3's. ICC came home in 58:52(Not sure how I beat him) good enough for 4th. That's all the results I have for now but will post the rest of the OCC boys times when I find them on the net. But from talking to everyone Springfield made a showing. With @ least one Jersey that I know of, good job Diane.

Well I'm off for vacation. Will post as I can to let everyone know of the adventures that will likely ensue.

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