Thursday, July 07, 2005


Tonight the OCC boys went out for a motopacing session. Super Gunga, Stoker Ace, ICC, & myself. Skippy the Sandbagger generously offered to drive the Zebra scooter for us. We all hooked up on the Greenways for some pre workout sight seeing. Skip showed up after some stealth riding on the Greenways wearing what can only be described as bug goggles. I'm guessing they allow him to get intouch with his inner butterfly. He did seem a little to giddy about the opportunity to ride us into the ground.

We decided on rotating out @ 30 sec intervals. Easier said than done. Its easy to sit in the draft of the scooter but getting back on the tail end takes a massive sprint. My thanks to the douche bag who caused us permanent hearing damage when he came by on is teenie weenie bike.

A quick out & back being drug by skip was plenty for my legs tonight. I'm not sure but I think he gunned it everytime it was my turn behind the scooter & then again when I rotated out so I'd have to chase back on. This can't be confirmed though & I'm sure he'll deny it. But my legs are almost positive that's what was happening.

Well we're racing this weekend in St. Louis. I'm fence sitting on doubling up Sat & Sun or just Sun. We'll see how my old decrepit legs feel tomorrow.


  1. I don't know what you're talking about.....

  2. I have to agree with Scott, Skip was having a little fun at our expense on the way back. But awesome workout. As for the TT cult, after getting my butt handed to me, I need all the help I can get. :)

  3. I think AR was just a wake up call. I'm expecting a thorough beating @ State.

  4. Do we have any video of this moto session? What sorta watts was Super throwing around?

    Good Luck in St Louis!

  5. Watts? My Ohm's law is a little stale. You forget your asking Mr. Old School. I'll see if the next time we Moto pace If I can hook up the camcorder on back, would be some comedy.