Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday means Navigation

Monday's have become an interesting day in my training regime. This spring it was a weekly trip to Petra's Rock Gym to work on my climbing skills for the Ozark Challenge & to strengthen my massive upper body. Currently Mr. B & I are using Monday's to bushwhack through some of the most over grown terrain in the country.

In AR racing my weakest link is navigation. I'm not horrible, when I'm on I can find a needle in a haystack. When I'm off I couldn't find a lighthouse on a dark night. So to even things up Mr. B & I have been training our navigational skills just like it was running or cycling. We have ourselves a little O course set up & attempt to find our markers. It is an enlightening experience. Tonight we learned not to take the marker for grated, read the map. Oops. Found an old flag & thought it was ours without consulting the map. Lessoned learned, knowledge stored away for Nationals in November.

I hear the OCC boys did well on Sunday. A big Congrats to CMac on a fine 3rd place!

I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll have to make an appearance @ the Tues Night World's. Think I'll drive over though, too damn hot for 80 miles.

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