Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Musings

I'm back to work for another 6 day run. I did it last week too. The money is nice but what it does to me isn't. Mostly 12hr night shifts wear on you. I've gotten to where 4 of them aren't too bad. I'll occasionally have a night that is nuts & that adds to the fatigue level, but for the most part I make do & can function. Six 12's is another beast. Especially when the last 2 are crazy.

I made it through the first round. I was even able to function on my first night off to go to Amber's work party. A rousing good time. A co-worker of Amber went to a cx race with us in the stl a few years ago. Now everytime I see her she asks me when my next cx race is. While chatting at the party I told her about wanting to put on races here. Bam! Her Aunt is on the Park Board. She's going to tell her how awesome cx is and that they should give me the run of the park I want to use. Hopefully this pans out.

Sunday was a disaster. My body was stuck on nights. I was less than semi functional between naps on the couch. Then at 7PM I woke up & stayed up all night being less than productive watching movies & reruns of Top Gear on NetFlix. Should have rode the trainer I guess.

What's really rough is Mia misses me after only seeing me for a bit in the am & a bit at night before I go to work. Not to mention Amber is stuck with a newborn & an over active 4 y/o. She's a trooper though & managing better than I would.

That said I haven't rode or ran in 15 days! Yikes. I have been doing my version of crossfit. Workfit. I've been doing laps on the stairs at break & doing lots of pull ups & generally lifting heavier items more than I normally would. Manual labor for the win. Its just to hard to get up & doing anything before or after work. Plus it cuts into the time I get to spend with the family. I should talk Amber into letting me ride the trainer in the living room.

I saw this referenced in a tweet. Guess I have to blame my ignorance on something else.
Alcohol doesn't kill brain cells

A shocking tid bit link in that article No Triceratops? How did I miss that?  I mean I even had a triceratops model when I was a kid that I got from the London Natural Science Museum.  Crushing just crushing.

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