Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The massage

Last night I talked/begged Amber to give my legs a good going over. Not really sore just a deep down fatigued feeling. That really doesn't explain it but gets you in the ball park. After she made me scream a couple of times the knots started working out & some suppleness started returning. Getting a massage right before bed isn't perfect since you can't drink a ton of water like you should after a massage, but I'll take what I can get. Being married to a massage therapist isn't as great as you'd think. No daily massages. Your massage therapist spouse works over clients all day why would they want to come home & work some more? I do manage to get a massage about every month & a half or so though. I am excited to have her get her sports massage certification. Maybe she'll learn some secret Euro soigneur techniques to rejuvenate my old worn out legs.

Tonight is CX @ Sac so I'll be good & sore again. Probably one of the last times this year. I can't see(no pun intended) more than a few more weeks before its too dark to be productive after work.

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  1. jealous, be very jealous. Amy keeps my sticks rubbed down several times a week. Buttah!